I might be making a much bigger deal than need be done with this blog, but I just felt like I needed to do it. :)

The Point of Blog

Today is a day that I will always remember: it is my birthday!

Not my actual birthday, but one year ago today, I joined Warriors Fanfiction Wiki, or more specifically, made my whole account, IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart.

So, this wiki has the "honor" of being my first wiki.

A Brief History

When I was some random anon, I discovered Warriors Wiki, then Warriors Fanfiction Wiki when I wanted something to read. Some of the writing on here was just amazing, and I guess I just never forgot the site. I kept coming and coming to read.

Then one day I was listening to music and relating the lyrics to Warrior Cats, like an unwritten songfic, when I decided to get it down where people could read it. I created an account and wrote Carnies, my first songfic, my first piece of writing here, and my first edit on any wiki. NightshimmerXD gave me my first comment, and I will never forget my Rush buddy.

Since then, I have written so many things, most of which I need to get motivation to write more, but I have been writing up a storm. I have joined and won a couple of contests and met so many new and good friends, who have gotten me through many a time, both good or bad. I have also seen the wiki change. I have seen people show up. I have seen people leave. I have seen so many things on this wiki, and I have cherished every memory of this place.

I have also watched myself change, as Rainsplash987, pointed out to me. From A Fox Warrior to Blind, there has been significant change in my writing.


Thank you to everyone who has made my first year on the wiki memorable including Rainsplash987, Roboflight, Mistybird, NightshimmerXD, Avalanchestrike, Jetfeather, Tanglefrost101, Artimas Hunter, Cchen3, Gingerstripe, Spottedpool599, Spottedstar02Silverstourm, Mistybrook, Cinderstar of ThunderClan, Mystical Moonstone, 1Ninja2Kat3RedPandaPotter, Ash622, and so many others. Each and every one of you in some way, made me laugh, made me smile, made me happy, made me feel confident, listened to my troubles (be it with school, boys, ect. XD), and have made me feel like I belong here, in this crazy wiki family.

Thanks to the admins for making this place what it is, and for making this a place that I truly enjoy.

I love you all. :)

The universe divided as the heart and mind collided. 07:10, July 25, 2013 (UTC)

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