So, here's the story!

We were all on NightClan chat, discussing favorite warrior cats and Tangle said he liked "BLUSTAR <3"

Sooooo, I said I shipped TanglefrostXBluestar and made a fanfiction Tangled in Blue.

And then, I got the idea to do a whole OCXCannon story and you all get to request if you want! Anyone can request!

And please do not request the same cat as other people. It would get confusing, so if you see the name up here, you have to choose a different one.

Stories to do!

Tangled in Blue featuring TanglefrostXBluestar for Tanglefrost

Raining Fire featuring RainsplashXFirestar for Rainsplash

Dark Stones featuring DarkstreamXStonefur for DarkstreamMountainClan

Striking Jay featuring AvalanchestrikeXJayfeather for Avalanchestrike

Ash Lilies featuring  LilydustXAshfur for Lilly Lovegood.

Thorny Stars featuring StargazeXThornclaw for Stargaze

Leap and Fly featuring MisybirdXFoxleap for Mistybird

Oaks of Aqua featuring AquasplashXOakheart for Roboflight

Red Bracken featuring RedpoppyXBrackenfur for RedPandaPotter

Long Spots featuring SpottedfireXLongtail for Spottedstar

Eye of the Tiger featuring MosseyeXTigerstar for Mosseye

Half of the Storm featuring HailstormXHalf Moon for Ash

Spotted Tigers featuring SpottedpoolXTigerheart for Spottedpool

Summer Breeze featuring SummerflightXBreezepelt for Maryritai

Cinder Beetles featuring CinderdappleXBeetlewhisker for Cinderstar of ThunderClan

Amber Ravens featuring AmberflowerXRavenpaw for Amberflower

Fuzz featuring FuzzypeltXFuzzypelt for Fuzzypelt

Song on the Wind featuring BrightsongXRunningwind for Bluestar&Brightheart

Snow Jet featuring JetfeatherXSnowtuft for Jetfeather

Cold Shadows featuring EeveefurXScourge for Eeveestar

Storms of Fire featuring FirefurXStormfur for Cchen

Black Sky featuring SkybirdXBlackstar for Potatoes

A Lion's Claw featuring DarklionXSharpclaw for Spoofy

Blotches of White featuring WhitetalonXSpottedleaf for Ginger

Pelts of Rowan featuring CleverpeltXRowanclaw for Warriorlover

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