So I have my DeviantArt account, IceXFeatherXCrane and I will let you all request as much as you want because you are all so epic! The couples you request must be from stories on here or your fursonas and stuff like that.

For example you can request...

Just regular couples: DuckflightXWolfhowl, FirelightXIcepool

Love Triangles/Squares/ect: IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart, BushtailXSongflightXTroutstream

Other: RainsplashXDan (as a cat)

I will probably post them on another wiki on your walls because of the picture limit here, so yeah.


So here is what you need to do when you leave a request:

Name of cats in couple:

Description of both cats:

Where they confessed:


What you would like them to be doing in the picture (ex. blushing, touching noses, ect.):

Additional Info:

AND because you are all my buddies, I am going to make a big deal of perfectly sketching, coloring, shading, THE WORKS.

To Do





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