Today my contest ended and I thank you all for joining. Me and my fellow judges have come to a desicion after hard thought.

1st Place: Cinders with Loved and Lost: 9/10: Incomplete, but most completed out of the three, detailed plot, tellings of a forbidden love and bloody battle, few grammar errors, interesting story, well done

2nd Place: Moon with Forever Loved: 8/10: Incomplete, least finished, but really, really grade A details, tellings of a forbidden love, maybe a hint of a battle, interesting story and few errors, good job

3rd Place: Jet with The Crossway *under construction*: 5/10 Incomplete, more chapters than Moon's but less than Cinders', interesting plot, good job incorporating real warriors from the series into the story, and a point for only starting it last night

All of you: be on watch for my next contest and please join when I start it. As I said, you three contestants will get their prize and Flight will get something for entering. I will write a story about these six cats as I said.

And please, Cinders, Moon, Jet, I am BEGGING you: PLEASE FINISH!!! All your stories are sooo good and interesting!

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