One year

I might be making a much bigger deal than need be done with this blog, but I just felt like I needed to do it. :)

Today is a day that I will always remember: it is my birthday!

Not my actual birthday, but one year ago today, I joined Warriors Fanfiction Wiki, or more specifically, made my whole account, IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart.

So, this wiki has the "honor" of being my first wiki.

When I was some random anon, I discovered Warriors Wiki, then Warriors Fanfiction Wiki when I wanted something to read. Some of the writing on here was just amazing, and I guess I just never forgot the site. I kept coming and coming to read.

Then one day I was listening to music and relating the lyrics to Warrior Cats, like an unwritten songfic, when I decide…

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One idea...

So, here's the story!

We were all on NightClan chat, discussing favorite warrior cats and Tangle said he liked "BLUSTAR

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Couple Art!

So I have my DeviantArt account, IceXFeatherXCrane and I will let you all request as much as you want because you are all so epic! The couples you request must be from stories on here or your fursonas and stuff like that.

For example you can request...

Just regular couples: DuckflightXWolfhowl, FirelightXIcepool

Love Triangles/Squares/ect: IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart, BushtailXSongflightXTroutstream

Other: RainsplashXDan (as a cat)

I will probably post them on another wiki on your walls because of the picture limit here, so yeah.

So here is what you need to do when you leave a request:

Name of cats in couple:

Description of both cats:

Where they confessed:


What you would like them to be doing in the picture (ex. blushing, touching noses, …

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So, I'll just post things that I have to announce over he course of the rest of this month here. :D

Cuz this is my second blog of March

  • And it is also my 1,200th edit. *goes to edit more* Must... catch.... up.... with.... Robo...*ughn*
  • I need a new signature. Any thoughts? For what it says and how it looks?
  • I'm going to make a bunch of songfics that relate to The Story of Icewrath, Featherswirl, and Craneheart for fun and for Robo's warriors idol thing. Look up the lyrics to The Garden (Crane's POV), Time Stand Still (Ice's POV), High Water (Ice's POV), and The Weapon (Feather's POV) (All by Rush) and tell me whether those songs fit ther characters I chose because I don't want to start and be all "How does this relate?"
  • I chose High Water as a …

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Warriors Wipeout Things

So, lots of people here like Warriors Wipeout already and I'm still doing first episode, but I have an epiphany and didn't want to forget, so here goes:

There will be a special Warriors Wipeout featuring people on the wiki and Featherswirl will be a guest host. Icewrath, Craneheart, Electricsound, and Marbleflight will be there.... doing something, but they aren't competing.

So here is what you need to do, just say you want to be in and give your charries name.

Only 24 people allowed so hurry and grab a spot.

1: Tanglefrost101 with Badgerstar

2: Mosseye with Mosseye

3: Dawnsong2 with Dawnsong

4: Roboflight with Aquasplash

5: Mistybrook with Mistybrook

6: Lilly Lovegood(2) with Secretwish

7: Starhaven with Starhaven

8: Rainsplash987 with Rainsplash

9: …

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