"A Shadowclan cat will cause a cat of your kin to suffer badly" Mistfur hissed to Dogpelt a Riverclan warrior.

       " What do you mean" cried Dogpelt, although he already knew the Starclan cat had began to fade.

       " Goodbye, and remember, beware of the cats who lurk in shadows!" cried out Mistfur.

        " Dogpelt, Dogpelt...DOGPELT!" mewed Falconfur his mate, " Im going to have kits.
        " I ust get you to Frostfur!" yowled Dogpelt, surprised.
         And even when the kits were born in the nursery made of tight woven reeds, Dogpelt couldn't shake the words of the ancient cat from his head: " A Shadowclan warrior will cause a cat of your kin to suffer badly."
                          And that is where the story of
                                 Streamfur begins!
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