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  • Hollyleafisawesome


    October 12, 2016 by Hollyleafisawesome

    In order to really reconnect with the community and spark my writing skills and creativity, I want to look for some people to do story collaborations with!

    Preferably it would be two, maybe three people per story, but if anyone would be more comfortable with bigger groups that's fine with me! I really just want the chance to brainstorm a story with a partner/group and write something!

    It would probably work out in the format of alternating chapters -- we can decide together whether we each have an assigned character to write the point of view for, along with what the plot will be, and how long the story is. I really want to work with you guys, and I feel like this would be a really fun opportunity to do so!

    If you'd be interested, feel free t…

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  • Hollyleafisawesome


    October 10, 2016 by Hollyleafisawesome

    My gosh, it has been a long time since I've been on here.

    I look back to my older writing, and I just adore the fact that I have managed to improve from there, even if only by a small fraction.

    This wiki was the starting place for my interest in writing, and looking back at it now, I am hit with waves of nostalgia. From the different stories I wrote to the amazing stories that I remember reading, this was a true keystone for my writing. 

    I regret falling out of touch with this website and falling out of touch with my passion for writing fanfiction (now I mostly focus on an original story that I hope to complete, which tends to be much more stressful). I regret falling out of touch with my friends on this wiki. I regret not getting to greet ne…

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  • Hollyleafisawesome

    Hello everyone! It's Hollyleafisawesome (Holly), and it feels good to be back!

    I've very much missed this wiki since I kind of drifted away from it, but was always scared to come back, in fear that my writing wouldn't be good enough. After mustering up all my courage, I have finally returned!

    I'd first off like to say a quick hello to all of you who I knew before my little 'break' and all of you who are newer here! If I don't know you already, I look forward to talking to you and reading your fics! Feel free to talk to me, I don't bite!

    Overall, I look forward to continuing writing here on the wiki, and to making friends! (I apologize for my absence again, school has been a bit time consuming, and I've been a bit over-obsesive with dA and RPi…

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  • Hollyleafisawesome

    Ok, so I know I haven't been too active lately,  but I am here to announce a few things.

    First off, I will announce the winner of my contest.

    Drumroll please....

    Firey is the winner with the story Far In The Horizon!

    Firey gets one free request of art!

    All of the entries were amazing, and I think that you would all enjoy reading them!

    On another note, it's my one year anniversary! I have been an this wiki for a full year, and I have enjoyed every second of it that was spent here, with you guys!

    I think that, truly, my writing has improved.

    I have made a lot of friends here on the wiki, and I love you all!

    And finally, I will try to be much more active here on the wiki, and I hope to spend many more year here!

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  • Hollyleafisawesome

    Hi everyone, today I am starting a contest!

    The theme will be family/love issues, and the deadline will be on the 12th of June!

    I still need two judges, and the requirement for judges is that I would purrfur that you don't chose one of your friends stories JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS.

    Anywho, here is the wonderful entry form:


    Story Name + Link: 

    Blurb (Optional):

    Main Character:

    Family or love troubles?:

    OK NOW, here are the rules:

    1. If it isn't finished RIGHT on the 12th, thats fine, I just want you to finish in that area of time, the 16th at the latest, please.

    2. 5 - 15 chapters, 5 = minimum, 15 = maximum

    3. I'm only picking 8 - 10 contestants, no more! (If I don't have 8 people wanting to join, I don't care really)

    4. Each person …

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