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Warriors Fanfiction

  • Takes in deep breath and crosses fingers* Here I go..

Hello admins and fellow users of WFW! I have a wiki in trouble. I know what you guys are already thinking but just please, hear me out.. I'm just blatent about it because it feels pretty awkward. It's my dream to have a succecful wiki and I know for one, an awesone great former editor won't even go on anymore because it's sad and lonely and hardly anyone goes on. It's failing because there arn't enough users there... I know like 1 or 2 people are on that wiki. But look at WFW.. We're one big, happy family! Can't we spread that greatness?

I'm asking in all kindness and hopefullness that WFW joins in partnership in my wiki.. Together we could both make my wiki and this one stronger and push it out of its lonely shell and off the ground. Please.. I hope you guys realize how important this is to me and I hope you guys can help me.. <3


<3 ~ Hawk ~ <3

Black Veil Brides 01:38, December 18, 2013 (UTC)