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  • My occupation is X-wing pilot/wizard
  • I am too ironic, I need to stop
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    Ask Helloitsmeguys!

    January 22, 2013 by HIMG

    Ask me anything as a comment and I can help you out. I mean literally anything! Please do not ask me questions that I have been asked already. I can help out with school problems as well, 'cos I've been through a lot of them!

    Who is your favourite warrior cat?  Well, my favourite is Spottedleaf. Her death was tragic and I cried when she died for good in The Last Hope.

    Who is your least favourite warrior cat? Probably Mapleshade. I have this love/hate relationship with her. She was just really evil and horrible to Crookedstar. But I like her becasue she's a really great character to write about.

    What do you think of Hollyleaf? I liked Hollyleaf. The thing was that she was never one of the three,and she knew it. I think by the end of Sunrise, she …

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  • HIMG

    This is going to be a blog filled with all the juicy secrets. Currently, I can reveal that in Day Four a brand new cat will join the others! Who will it be? Only I know! *taps side of nose* But, I would like you to vote on the poll below and suggest any ideas about who you would like to enter. Also, I am open to suggestions for the show, so meassage me if you do! And If you comment, ask me a question about anything, really, and I will reply and answer your worries on THIS VERY PAGE!

    I'm a ThunderClan Cat: Get Me Out of Here! is a spoof series based on the British ITV production I'm a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here!

    10 cats, 5 toms, 5 she-cats, will enter the ShadowClan forest to endure 10 days of torture. Every day, the contestants will endur…

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