HIMG HIMG 29 August 2013

This is IMPORTANT!!!!

Okay. It isn't that important but..


No one's commented on 9,10 OR 11!!

Has everyone gone off it or something?

I would love it if you gave me feedback.

Also: Read and comment on these two stories and you will get a sticker. Read that AND this and I will reward you.


How do you fixA broken heart? 18:19, May 14, 2013 (UTC)

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HIMG HIMG 29 August 2013


Most of you here will know me. Some of you brand new n00bs WILL HAVE NO CLUE WHO I AM. Okay, so first can you sit through several advertisements:

Read Elements! Its my first show thingy!

Read Blood River! This is the begining of the A New Dawn arc!

Okay, ads over....Let me announce my big announcement.


Just answer the following questions:

Do you like Elements? (Yes/No)

Did you enjoy episodes one and two? (Yes/No)

Which is your favourite Elements character? (Waterpaw/Earthpaw/Firepaw/Airpaw)

Now, give me: 

The name of your cat

A description of your cat.

The cat's rank

Your cats personality.

Post the answers in the comments and I will get round to it. Bye for now!

Hello!It's meGuys!

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HIMG HIMG 29 August 2013

Just So You Know

Yeah, if I 'ain't on the wiki very much over the next few weeks, here's why:

. I have end of term exams.

. I'm in loads of clubs- Athletics Mondays & Tuesdays, swimming Wednesday & Sunday, rounders Saturday and Greek club (insert groan) on Thursday.

. Basically, I'm busy.

Also, has everyone got bored of Elements? Because no one's commented on episode 9 or 10. Ooh, and read my new album.

Peace out,


18:40, April 30, 2013 (UTC)

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HIMG HIMG 29 August 2013

I'm a ThunderClan Cat: Get Me Out of Here! Gossip Blog

This is going to be a blog filled with all the juicy secrets. Currently, I can reveal that in Day Four a brand new cat will join the others! Who will it be? Only I know! *taps side of nose* But, I would like you to vote on the poll below and suggest any ideas about who you would like to enter. Also, I am open to suggestions for the show, so meassage me if you do! And If you comment, ask me a question about anything, really, and I will reply and answer your worries on THIS VERY PAGE!

  • 1 Origins
  • 2 Rules
  • 3 Hosts
  • 4 Contestants
  • 5 Episode Selection
  • 6 Polls

I'm a ThunderClan Cat: Get Me Out of Here! is a spoof series based on the British ITV production I'm a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here!

10 cats, 5 toms, 5 she-cats, will enter the ShadowClan forest to endure 1…

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HIMG HIMG 29 August 2013


Hi there! If you're reading this, you are probably bored into the pits of your soul. So here I am, doing a contest!

There are a few guidelines, though.

  • 1 Rules
  • 2 Clans
  • 3 Other Information.
  • 4 Entering
  • 5 Prizes.
    • 5.1 3rd Place
    • 5.2 2nd Place
    • 5.3 1st Place

It HAS to be a short story OR a songfic. No chapters, please. I hate it when people enter and never finish their stories, ruining the whole contest. Which leads to the next rule...

The deadline for the contest is 31st April 2013 MY TIME. (I'm British. You do the GMT maths..)

If you are currently in another contest, please don't do this one too! I don't want people juggling their time. I don't mind if no one enters my contest!

You can set your story in the following Clans. They are all rivals, so if another Clan a…

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