why do I keep on making these blogs I'm only here for the nostalgia ^ ^

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Hello! :)

I am currently on here stalking everyone (which I haven't done for a while) and realised just how out of touch I am with this website.

I tried to delete all the horrific and embarassing coding of my profile and realised I didn't even know how to do it thanks to this weird new mode thing aaaahhhhh (I don't like it...bring the old one back wikia!).

So first things first...can someone pls help me with that because I'm clueless.

But seriously, my page is so cringey I kind of want to punch myself but I also feel weirdly proud because that coding must've taken me so long! What was my life?

So what's new in the life of HIMG?

1) Dead feet (I had my D of E practise this weekend...everyone in my group was so slow fml)

2) No glasses or braces! (I got contacts last year :))

3) Internet time

4) Re reading Harry Potter for the 7th time

5) Internet time


     Internet time?


Anyway, I need to hear ALL the wikia news (and don't say 'oh there isn't any' because I was here for a year and a frickin half, there is always news! ^_^) to fuel the nostalgic hole in my brain that longs for this place. 

I see activity has reached an all time low...I look forward to reading the many comments on this post!

Have a good week. :) If you want more from my uninteresting life, ask me any questions in the comments! (I'll be lurking here alll night...like a troll or Jimmy Saville)

~ HIMG x

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