^^ That was me dying.

Today I just realised: I have officially been on this wiki for ONE YEAR. Dxxxxxx


Well um, I suppose I should say thanks to anyone who's put up with me for twelve months. xD But particular thanks to Tangle as he is my first friend here and still is now. :D *cheers* GO TANGLE!

This means I am now a SENIOR USER. RESPECT, NOOBS! Only joking. ;)

I just realised that was TWO blogs in a week but to be honest I really don't care as I'm now abnormally excited. My two new targets as a senior user are:

  1. FINISH AND: BR and Elements by the end of January
  2. Be more sociable with other users

So BYE MY SUBJECTS *does Queenly wave* (Just a note to all those that are interested- I do the BEST Queenly waves xD)

HoHoHoMerry Christmas everyone! 17:35, December 9, 2013 (UTC)

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