Hi there! If you're reading this, you are probably bored into the pits of your soul. So here I am, doing a contest!

There are a few guidelines, though.


It HAS to be a short story OR a songfic. No chapters, please. I hate it when people enter and never finish their stories, ruining the whole contest. Which leads to the next rule...

The deadline for the contest is 31st April 2013 MY TIME. (I'm British. You do the GMT maths..)

If you are currently in another contest, please don't do this one too! I don't want people juggling their time. I don't mind if no one enters my contest!


You can set your story in the following Clans. They are all rivals, so if another Clan appears in your story not listed, I will get confused. You may include the other Clans in the story but make sure that you don't steal other competitors characters.

SunClan-live in the grassy fields

MoonClan-live in a cave close to the lakeside. Own a small bit of the mountains.

RainClan-live in the forest in an open camp

SnowClan-live in the mountains. Are used to the cold.

Other Information.

You must have ONE PROTAGONIST. It can be a kit, leader or an apprentice, I don't mind.

There must be conflict in the story (verbal or physical)

If you are doing a songfic you must have a decent amount of story within the lyrics.

There are unlimited spots, but I don't want more than 20 entries (but I doubt that many will enter!)


Please fill out the form below and post your answers in the comments.

Are you doing a songfic or a short story?

How active are you?

What Clan is your story set in?

What is the name of your story?


Depending on how many people enter, the prizes WILL vary. Anyone who doesn't come in the following slots wil get a bragging siggy and a telepathic hug from me.

3rd Place

An awesome siggy, made by me that you can design and I will make, chance to name a kit in AND:BR and bragging rights. Plus a telephathic hug from me. :D

2nd Place

An awesome siggy that you can design and I will make, part as a kind of major cat in DarkClan in Elements, chance to name a kit in AND:BR and bragging rights. Plus a telepathic hug from me. :D

1st Place

An awesome siggy that you design and I make, major part in The Tree, a chance to name a kit in AND:BR ,the Elements special Red Poison dedicated to you and, of course, bragging rights. PLUS a telepahtic hug from me.

Okay....I think I covered it all. Bye!

What's Up Gurlfriend? 18:53, March 26, 2013 (UTC)

P.S. Admins, don't kill me for breaking the three blog rule, I did ask, but no one replied after a five day period, so please forgive me?

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