Aloha, WFW.

IT's HIMG, back from the semi-dead! *cheers*

Bet half of you n00bs are just staring at your screen like: whothecrapisthisweirdowithausernamethat'sjustcapitalletters??


(Nooby username urgh why did I choose that *cringe*)

So as I was saying, Aloha.

You may want serveral questions answered right now:


- What have you been up to?

- Are you *quotes* 'coming back? *quotes*

-Who even ARE YOU? (I refuse to answer this question)


- I have been wallowing in the depths of school, enetering year nine (grade 8 in USA) and doing shtiton of reading. And drawing loads of fashion stufff. (New obsession alert)

- *see above*

- No, I am not really 'coming back', just popping in to say hello and catch up with some of my old friends (but for some reason everyone seems to have left...O_O And I will not be continuing any of my old fanfictions (as much as you may want me to) because, to be honest, I've kind of gone off warriors a bit. It will still be precious to my heart, as will be this website *cue sad music*

ANYWAY, enough abou me, what about YOU? What have you been doing whilst I have been fantasising about marrying Sherlock Holmes? If I don't know you. drop me a message and say hello! I don't bite. ;)

Also, we are moving house soon *yay* (I'm not moving twice in the space of the year...we were only renting our house. For more on this scroll through my previous blogs) so expect a brief period of inactivity.

Looking forward to catching up with you all. ;D


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