HIMG HIMG 24 March 2015

why do I keep on making these blogs I'm only here for the nostalgia ^ ^


Hello! :)

I am currently on here stalking everyone (which I haven't done for a while) and realised just how out of touch I am with this website.

I tried to delete all the horrific and embarassing coding of my profile and realised I didn't even know how to do it thanks to this weird new mode thing aaaahhhhh (I don't like it...bring the old one back wikia!).

So first things first...can someone pls help me with that because I'm clueless.

But seriously, my page is so cringey I kind of want to punch myself but I also feel weirdly proud because that coding must've taken me so long! What was my life?

So what's new in the life of HIMG?

1) Dead feet (I had my D of E practise this weekend...everyone in my group was so slow fml)

2) No glasses or braces!…

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HIMG HIMG 15 September 2014


Aloha, WFW.

IT's HIMG, back from the semi-dead! *cheers*

Bet half of you n00bs are just staring at your screen like: whothecrapisthisweirdowithausernamethat'sjustcapitalletters??


(Nooby username urgh why did I choose that *cringe*)

So as I was saying, Aloha.

You may want serveral questions answered right now:


- What have you been up to?

- Are you *quotes* 'coming back? *quotes*

-Who even ARE YOU? (I refuse to answer this question)


- I have been wallowing in the depths of school, enetering year nine (grade 8 in USA) and doing shtiton of reading. And drawing loads of fashion stufff. (New obsession alert)

- *see above*

- No, I am not really 'coming back', just popping in to …

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HIMG HIMG 20 June 2014

Quick Update

Okay, so as you all know I am no longer active on this site.

But if you do want to keep in touch, email nerdmissbook@gmail.com

Or visit my new website. It's a WIP at ther moment, but it would help me out a lot of you came along and checked it out.

Thanks guys


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HIMG HIMG 23 March 2014

Time to properly say goodbye

I'm sorry I left you.

It has been almost 5 MONTHS since I made a blog. And I miss it. I miss coming on here and writing stories, chatting to Tangle on chat, roleplaying on SummerClan...

I don't have the time anymore. And I have completely run out of story ideas.

But I will NEVER EVER FORGET the feedback you've given me, the stories I wrote, the laughs we had.

And I think he's left now, but huge hugs to Tangle for being my first friend here and my last.


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HIMG HIMG 9 December 2013






^^ That was me dying.

Today I just realised: I have officially been on this wiki for ONE YEAR. Dxxxxxx


Well um, I suppose I should say thanks to anyone who's put up with me for twelve months. xD But particular thanks to Tangle as he is my first friend here and still is now. :D *cheers* GO TANGLE!

This means I am now a SENIOR USER. RESPECT, NOOBS! Only joking. ;)

I just realised that was TWO blogs in a week but to be honest I really don't care as I'm now abnormally excited. My two new targets as a senior user are:

  1. FINISH AND: BR and Elements by the end of January
  2. Be more sociable with other users

So BYE MY SUBJECTS *does Queenly wave* (Just a note to all those that are interested- I do the BEST Queenly waves xD)

HoHoHoMerry Christmas eve…

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