Hi! I wanted to do a contest. Because.. I wanted to do it cause everyone else is doing it.. Also this is my first contest! :D


1) Please let the plot make sense

2) 1 animal attack, 1 battle, and.. 1 forbidden love?

3) 12 chapters to 15 chapters please :)

4) Apprentices must become warriors somewhere in the story and only 8 people can join :)

Also, the deadline is.. Hmm.. January 3rd

Characters: I don't wanna add what they have to do, you guys can do that or something. There are 16 characters to pick

Acornpaw - light brown she-cat with amber eyes. TAKEN

Ashpaw - Ash gray Tom with light green eyes. TAKEN

Brookpaw - Pale yellow she-cat with blue eyes. TAKEN

Beepaw - yellow tabby Tom with darker stripes and amber eyes. TAKEN

Cavepaw - light gray Tom with blue eyes. TAKEN

Cloverpaw - Tortioseshell she-cat with dark green eyes. Medicine Cat apprentice. TAKEN

Dewpaw - white she-cat with gray spots and blue eyes. TAKEN

Dustpaw - dark brown Tom with green eyes. TAKEN

Echopaw - pitch black she-cat with amber eyes TAKEN

Eaglepaw - Brown tabby Tom with amber eyes TAKEN

Falconpaw - gray Tom with white underbelly and paws and blue eyes. TAKEN

Fawnpaw - light brown she-cat with a white tail tip ad brown eyes TAKEN

Gingerpaw - ginger she-cat with dark green eyes. TAKEN

Griffenpaw - Light brown Tom with a odd tail and brown eyes. TAKEN

Hailpaw - White Tom with blue eyes. TAKEN

Hazelpaw - hazel colored she-cat with amber eyes. TAKEN


1st place: A awesome drawing of any animal, create a character for the the enchanted series, a drawing of a warrior, picking the main character for a new story I'm making, and a.. Blue ribbon! (I draw it :) )

2nd place: Chossing a character for the Enchanted series, A drawing of a warrior of Thier choosing, choosing the main characters best friend, and a red ribbon! (Drawn by me (:)

3rd Place: a Warrior drawing of Thier choosing, choosing the main character's enemy, and a yellow ribbon (drawn by me (:)

4tg Place: The main character's sister, and a white ribbon (drawn by me :) )

5th Place: a pink ribbon (drawn by me (:)

People that joined:

1: Misty with Echoing Hazel

2: Duck with Undefined

3: Feather with Griffen Over Brook

4: Moon with Forbidden But Perfect

5:? Ash? with A Drop of Ashy Dew

6: Lilly? with

7: Avalanche? with Dusty Falcon

8: Candy? with

And judges!:

1: Jet



Hope it turns out well :)

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