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    As much I tried to avoid this, I've come to realize that a proper goodbye is, indeed, much better than ghosting and letting people assume I've left.

    So, I'm here to tell you guys that I'm officially leaving this wiki.

    I've been lying to myself for two years, believing that I still have it in me to write Warriors fanfic. That I still have ideas and I just needed to get off my lazy butt and write them. Well, as the months went by, my motivation to actually write them diminished.

    And I've come to realize that it's for the best. I mean, we're all moving on, aren't we?

    Don't get me wrong - I love this place. This community brought out loads of creativity in me that, frankly, I didn't even know was there! The me who has so much ideas and goals that …

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  • Foxstep1

    re-joining and introductions

    November 10, 2018 by Foxstep1


    It's been a year since I've been active on here

    A year since I've touched a fanfic (or earlier, I can't remember)

    I'd like to rejoin, as I still have some ideas that I'd love to write a story out of.

    However, this place isn't the same. A lot of people I've known have moved on, and I realize that I don't know 85% of the people here.

    As small as this community is, I'd like to get to know you guys better. I want to feel connected to this community again and I think most of us want that too.

    So here's an introduction on me to those who don't know me:

    I'm Foxstep, more commonly known as Fox. I've been into Warriors for years now, and I'm nearing my third year on here. My favorite character is Squirrelflight, and my favorite arc is a tie between …

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    Secret Santa 2017!

    November 26, 2017 by Foxstep1

    Welcome to the 2017 WFW Secret Santa event, hosted by Fox, Stork, and Brams! In this festive event, contestants are given a little less than a month to make a gift for a fellow member in the community. Each contestant will be given a competing user to create a gift for in secret. Sign up to join in the fun!

    • The signups start today, Nov. 26 and end on Nov. 30, midnight.
      • If there isn't an equal amount of contestants, one of the hosts may step in.
    • On Dec. 1st, the hosts will partner up the contestants randomly and DM each contestant.
      • However, if the contestant does not have Discord they will be asked to come online at a working time. A host will inform the user of who they are gifting in PM.
    • On Christmas Day, users are expected to be done with the…

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  • Foxstep1

    New contest!

    October 1, 2017 by Foxstep1

    Hello, everyone! This is me, Fox, and Coco, and we are hosting a contest! So recently, we noticed that this wiki has a major lack of spoofs. What is WFW without humor here and there? So, we have decided to host a spoof contest for anyone who is interested!

    Prompt: Take a scene from one of your favorite Warriors books, and convert it into a spoof (meaning a humorously exaggerated version of it).

    Length: It can be as long as you want. Try to have at least a few paragraphs and consistent dialogue so it isn't too short.

    Deadline: October 15, 2017. Meaning exactly two weeks. The shortage of time is due to the fact that this is a spoof, which shouldn't be too hard but you still have time to add detail and humor to bring yourself to the winning line.


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  • Foxstep1

    Pineapple-walk is where we start

    Four miles and poles apart

    Where worlds collide and days are dark

    You may have my pixie, you can take my heart

    But you'll never have my heart

    I heard that you settled down

    That you found a boy and you're married now.

    I heard that your dreams came true.

    Guess that Joe gave you things I didn't give to you.

    There's a fire starting in my heart

    Reaching a fever pitch, it's bringing me out of the dark

    Finally I can see you crystal clear

    Go 'head and blow a raspberry and I'll lay your ship bare

    See how I leave with every pineapple

    Don't underestimate the things that I will do

    Never mind, I'll find someone like you

    I wish nothing but the best for you too

    Don't forget me, I beg

    I'll remember you said,

    Sometimes it's good to blow a ras…

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