Forestpaw13 Forestpaw13 11 August 2009


I've finished River! Coming out with a BOOM is the third six-chapter book in the Transformer series, Thunder.

I'm trying a different writing style, so cope with me, here. Thanks!

I'm thinking that the next book will be called Treetops, but I'm honestly not very sure...

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Forestpaw13 Forestpaw13 10 August 2009


Do you truly know Warriors of the Lake - The Four Powers? Take this quiz, which has one question from each chapter! the quiz Post your results! Here...

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Forestpaw13 Forestpaw13 6 August 2009

Bunnies are beautiful


So, my dog found a little nest of two baby bunnies, which I have named Dashfoot and Prettyface. My dog, whom I have chosen to call Dogheart, attacked it and Dashfoot escaped. Prettyface couldn't escape the wrath of Dogheart, and she got chased into a bush.
Dogheart sniffed around the bushes for a while, and my family (Forestheart, Lightningstorm, and Brownpelt) watched. Prettyface escaped as dumb ol' Dogheart sniffed around.
Lightningstorm freaked out. He pulled Dogheart inside the house, while me (Forestheart) and Brownpelt made sure poor Prettyface was okay.
Prettyface was safe for now.
Later in the day, Dogheart was let out and she found Prettyface being chased by a cat, whom I call Falconclaw. Dogheart took over the chase of Prettyfac…
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Forestpaw13 Forestpaw13 6 August 2009


I'm the person that uses the wiki the most! Is that good, or bad?

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Forestpaw13 Forestpaw13 5 August 2009


What's going on in life?

Feel free to post endlessly...

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