Forestpaw13 Forestpaw13 18 August 2009

Insane- the hardest guitar hero song in the history of the world

Okay, to those of you that have guitar hero three, this is a song that you can unlock, if you haven't already...

Okay. The title literally explains itself... except for the fact that the song is actually called "Insane!"

Here's the link... and... yeah. Laugh a lot!

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Forestpaw13 Forestpaw13 17 August 2009


I'm back... but now I'm in school.I'm in eighth grade, so I've got a lot of homework, so I won't be editing as often as I used to. If you're fans of my stories, I'm sorry, and if you're not, whatever. Make yourself one, because you're just jealous!

My story got featured! Yay! Read The Four Powers if you haven't yet!

And, also, I'm supposed to be doing my homework- definitions for Language Arts. So, yeah.

And, one more thing. What do you all think of the idea "The Money Tree"? It's a fake bank, and there's all these metaphors (a comparison without using the words "like" or "as". If you do, it's a simile) for it! Such as...

  • Planting a seed = Starting an account
  • Water = Interest (More money you get for leaving your money in the bank)
  • Leav…
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Forestpaw13 Forestpaw13 14 August 2009


I'm going to the beach with my buddies Goldenheart and Brightface (she's always smiling). Won't be back 'til Sunday...

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Forestpaw13 Forestpaw13 14 August 2009


I found a template to make... a table! This could really help with organization within stories, and out of them. Here's the raw code-

And to see an example, look at Warriors Olympics! As you can see, I've added more than what the code says I can- I've added more rows... It really helps when you make a table that you see a preview while you're working on it, so you see where the information is going. -Forrest out

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Forestpaw13 Forestpaw13 12 August 2009


Heey, people! I'm awesome...

Okay, that was a random moment (I have those sometimes, BEWARE)!

I'm hanging... alone... at home... today... what about you all? You guys are probably way more interesting then I am...

I'm going to the beach on Friday! Yay! A weekend at the beach, and then I start school again on Monday... I'm on year-round, and I've been tracked out! Woo, hoo!

Typing is fun! Don't you think?

My fave song eva- Viva la Viva- Coldplay!

OMG! Yesterday, I went to a bookstore (Borders) and I read Bluestar's Prophecy (or at least, most of it), AND (bonus) I didn't have to buy it! Yay! I love bookstores...

There's an entire warriors section at Borders, and it's taken me six visits to find it. I finally DID find it today, so I hope they don't…

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