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    JavaScript Issue

    March 3, 2013 by Forestpaw13

    Hello, wikians and warriors fans alike!

    I've been recently made aware of an issue that wikia is having with their JavaScript that seems to be affecting certain users, mostly those who use Chrome, but I have heard that other browsers are having trouble as well.

    I'm here telling you to hang tight! WFW will survive this issue!

    In order to edit I've had to lower my expectations of my internet experience and use... *shudder* Internet Explorer. It's been working for now, so if you use Chrome and seem to be having trouble, switch to a different internet browser (ex. Safari, Firefox, Explorer).

    In other news, THE SUN TRAIL COMES OUT IN TWO DAYS! Who else is excited?! I sure am!

    Love, Forest :)

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  • Forestpaw13


    Up until recently I had thought myself finished with the Warriors series. After a good run of the second book of the Omen of the Stars series, I was positive that the books were finished and/or there just weren't any more.

    Last week I discovered the third book in the Omen of the Stars series.

    And then the fourth.

    And then the fifth, and then the sixth.

    And then-- O! all the mini books, and hey, is that a new super edition?

    Be proud of me, guys, I'm now up to date in warriors and SERIOUSLY looking forward to the release of The Sun Trail on 5 March. I'll be getting it on my Kindle and reading every single word of it before any of you can pick it up. I'll be the bomb.

    Dot com.

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  • Forestpaw13

    HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!! I know I'm a day late-or in some cases, two-but I just thought I'd tell all of you that I wrote the wikia a poem yesterday.

    Yesterday I wasn't here because Ms. Forest decided to get in a car crash (that was a few weeks ago) and so last night I had to take a defensive driving class. Which was... uh... gruesome. I was rather bored, I didn't want to look at the screen, so I put my head down and thought of this poem.

    I really don't want to offend everyone, but these people in the poem are some of my absolute best friends on the wiki... yeah. I love all of you, though :)

    Oh yeah, AGAIN, I wrote this DURING CLASS.

    An Ode to the WFW

    First I would like to say
    Thanks to the admins, every day.
    I know that may include me
    But th…

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  • Forestpaw13

    A big thank you

    February 11, 2013 by Forestpaw13

    So last year I promised that, for the new year, the front page would be getting a face lift. I never got around to it, but Maplewing-of-IRC (Maple__ on IRC) kindly stepped up and did the job.

    Everybody say a HUGE thank you to him for all his hard work. Because he rocks.

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  • Forestpaw13

    "These blogs?" You know, the ones where I rant about my issues and you comment and say that "You can do it, Fork!" and I say "Oh! You're great!" and everything is happy-dandy.

    Until the end of this blog I am going to practice using my new rules of written English. You all tell me if there is a difference in my writing.

    Ready? Go.

    -cue trying, failing miserably, getting the rules mixed up, and having a general fail of a time trying to get some decent practice in-

    I give up.

    For real? Today was my first day of my new classes at school. I am now taking US History, English 11, and Spanish IV. So basically I'm in for a long semester.

    In US History I walked in to find a grand surprise- I knew my teacher already, and he was excited to find that he knew…

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