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    September 30, 2009 by Forestpaw13

    Okay, as you all might know, I am on the final book of the Transformer series, which is called Peace or Pandemonium?.

    This, however, is not the final book ever related to Waterheart! I am starting an entire new series for her kits...

    My ideas are about birds - the titles of the stories and the kit's names - and I want them to be approved of before I make a giant fool of myself (which, as you may know, is not good).

    So... the kit's names (as kits, you aren't getting the full ones) -

    • Ravenkit
    • Hawkkit
    • Crowkit

    And, the titles of some of the books -

    • Hatching
    • Taking Flight

    And - the name of the series (this is the only thing that doesn't have to do with birds) is The First Omen.

    So, do you like them? Please post and state your opinion! Thanks! Forests are life

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  • Forestpaw13

    Scary Dream

    September 23, 2009 by Forestpaw13

    Here's a dream that I had, guys. It's the freakiest dream I've ever had, ever.

    I was a knight in a castle- in fact, the best knight. The dream starts as I hear about an approaching army - the largest our kingdom had ever seen.

    The scene suddenly switches to me running through the castle. I'm gathering people, telling them to leave. One woman asks, "What's the point? Our kingdom will fall. I want to fall with it." I slap her across the face.

    After a while, I start to gather the other knights, who are also getting people out. We gather our weapons and put on our armor.

    That's when I hear a scream.

    We rush outside fully armed and see a young boy pointing at the horizon. "It's them," he yells. "They're coming, and we won't be able to make it away f…

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  • Forestpaw13

    Absolute Sadness!

    September 11, 2009 by Forestpaw13

    Today is September 11.

    8 years ago, commercial planes crashed into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania (this plane was rumored to have targeted the White House). This was a huge loss to our country as many people from different countries were killed instantly and many died soon after.

    This day is now known as Patriot's Day to honor the people who helped save, protect, and support our country in our time of need.

    Please take a moment to remember these brave people, and imagine what the world would be like without them.

    Thank you.

    (The chain mail part- comment about this horrible day below! I'll be camping- let's see what you guys can do by the time I get on next...)

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  • Forestpaw13

    Cittie Mews 9/7

    September 7, 2009 by Forestpaw13

    Hey, peeps! It's Labor Day! Enjoy your awesome day off! For me, sadly, it's slowly coming to an end.

    Okay. I've started Random-ized Stuff, so go check it out when you get a chance.

    And, um, yeah. That's it. There's not really much right now.

    Mistyfur is gone- but she's coming back every once in a while.

    swifty* has lost his admin rights. I hope he's okay with that. (But, honestly, will he ever know?)

    The two above means that a new admin is a requirement. Maybe the sysop voting will be opened soon...

    Featured Stories are always up and running. Nominate them now!

    Notice how Sparrow made the Characters wiki? If you've got any character articles left, you should move 'em. The last time I checked, they've got around 80 articles now (correct me if I'm …

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  • Forestpaw13

    1. I like this title- I'm using it. Hah! I called it. 2. It's actually a track on a database for a popular (well-known in my area) game called Free Rider 2. If you've heard of it, great. Explain it to the others that haven't. 3. The link's right here! Yeah! Pathway of Illumination Track

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