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    In an effort to liven things up around here and begin normal conversation, I have decided to tell you guys a little anecdote (which is actually the biggest #firstworldproblem you will EVER see) about how exactly it is I arrive on the wiki each time I make an edit.


    My family owns one desktop PC, one desktop Mac, two laptops, two iPhones, and two iTouches. My father also has a laptop given to him by his job.

    That being said, I got my laptop two years ago at Christmas (Christmas 2010, everyone) and it was a piece of **** then. Now technology has outrun my poor baby and it's a miracle if Flash works. It's a miracle if Microsoft Word 2010 pulls up. It's a miracle if Chrome doesn't crash once an hou…

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  • Forestpaw13

    I do believe this is the most genuinely annoyed I've ever been while writing a blog for you guys, but I'm going to do it and y'all are going to appreciate it.

    I personally will take full responsibility for three pranks pulled on the wiki-- mine, Zaffie's, and Star's. I gave them permission to do so, since they were easily repairable with a few simple clicks by me. So any yelling directed at them can be directed at me and I will respond accordingly. Be aware, however, that Zaffie and Star are highly defensive people. So now you're in with all of us :)

    The next major issue I'd like to address is the people who have unfortunately decided to leave due to these incidents and the petty arguments that have arisen during that whole schebang.
    The way …

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  • Forestpaw13

    I'm Tired of This

    March 31, 2013 by Forestpaw13

    I'm sure Arti agrees with this. She always agrees with this.

    Lately I've been having to go through the pictures on a daily basis and look for the photos you guys uploaded that are illegal.

    I'm tired of it. I'm tired of it all.

    So from the first day of April and onward, you guys can't upload any pictures without our approval. Got it? Good.

    Forest out.

    HAPPY EARLY APRIL FOOLS-- most of this was on the IRC, so here are the logs for you to enjoy...

    Forestpaw13 ----> Fork_
    Artimas Hunter -> Arti_
    Stargaze66 -----> Stareh
    Birchy ---------> Birchy
    Zaffie ---------> Zaffie


    Arti and I seriously love and care about one another. We were talking the entire time (and for months leading up to this, planning and setting a date) about this in a different w…

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  • Forestpaw13

    This blog was originally posted on Kate Cary's blog. I take no credit.

    Many moons ago, when surfing the blog, I discovered the concept of a Clan named “RuneClan” that wore markings on their flanks to denote their ranking and Clan history. Someone had commented with the claim that the cats had no system of reading and writing, and therefore this concept would never make it into the books. This made me think – was that statement true? Certainly in real life, but considering that the Clans have such a complicated language, as well as the use of the Stick as a tally (which can be seen as a form of reading), made me realise that the Clans could have a writing system if they ever had the need. Not only this, but what about the system of tail sign…

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  • Forestpaw13

    A Few Tips

    March 10, 2013 by Forestpaw13

    This blog is, straight off, a complete lie. It is a rant, it is anger and annoyance put into writing. It is most likely not going to be a few tips. So let's establish that. Right now. Straight off the bat.

    Now by all means, please continue reading!

    Lately on the wiki I've clicked on a few stories and had to instantly backspace. And, surprisingly, this has nothing to do with atrocious grammar or huge paragraphs or even instant boredom. No. It has to do with something I like to call "Coding Overload".

    "Coding Overload" is not a good thing. It's people showing off their coding skills ("I can do that, too! Watch!") to the masses and also, because they need a reason, throwing a story in there. I mean, for God's sake, I've seen freaking rainbows. T…

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