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  • Forestpaw13

    Here's to the days of lore, when I joined the wiki and hated GB for his overbearing, perfectionist traits. When Sparrowsong was a good admin and I was a nobody.

    Here's to the days of Random Parties on Shistar's blogs, where a picture of a duck floated around for a while because y'all were weird like that.

    Here's to Warriors of the Lake. If that's not an indicator of how much I've grown, I don't know what is.

    Here's to all the people who helped me through cancer in any way possible, and to Stareh's mom, who offered to send me a card. May StarClan bless Stareh's mom.

    Here's to the days on the IRC, the time spent writing stories, songfics, and angry blogs. Here's to trusting the wiki for a weekend vacation and coming back to find it in complete c…

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  • Forestpaw13

    So I left rather abruptly, and to be truthful I forgot the reasons why... that doesn't matter.

    In the weeks since May 15 (I looked up the date of when I left), I have found myself. Completely. I have learned to love myself. I have learned to love life and all it has to offer. I've found my true friends. I've found love (true love? we'll see...). I've found solutions.

    See, my depression (yes, I was depressed) crippled me. Close to when I left, I realized that people were insulting me-- and I could no longer accept it. The insults came from all directions, all walks of life, intentionally and unintentionally. I have never blamed and will never blame a singular person.

    Now I'm basically going to go through my list above and describe in detail wh…

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  • Forestpaw13

    I feel miserable here.

    And my life is miserable and I need to focus on myself.

    I don't want you guys to ask questions.

    And for God's sake don't screw this place up.

    Forest out. For good.

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  • Forestpaw13

    Today I was redoing my userpage (which you can obviously see isn't done and probably never will be), attempting to write another chapter of Ocean and Sky like a good little admin, and basically trying to do admin things. I ended up clicking on my userpage and looking at the information I have at the top and I realized that today was April 21, 2013. I joined the wiki on April 21, 2009.

    Well that can only mean one thing.

    I have been on the wiki for four years.

    Oh my God.

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  • Forestpaw13

    So this blog is a sad one, specifically about the Boston Marathon on 15 April 2013. I'll ask this question straight out: when has working out ever been more dangerous??

    My cousin called me last night (today is 16 April) and told me that she was actually a finish line volunteer at the Marathon yesterday. To which I said, "Please tell me what you saw."

    She was highly distressed, but it was a firsthand account so here's what it was like on the front line:

    My cousin was one of the volunteers at the end of the finish line. She was one of those people that was standing at a table with water bottles all over it, and her job was to hand the water bottles out. Pretty simple.
    She said she never saw the first blast, but was actually bending down to open …

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