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So lately I've been thinking about a lot of strange things, and then I remembered a story of mine.

You see, this story has no witnesses, I have no pictures, there is literally no evidence that this happened in the SLIGHTEST and yet this still happened.

So before I tell mine, I want to ask y'all: what are your strange stories like that?

Here's mine:

Once, the summer when I was 16, my friend went to the beach and I finally realized that we were old enough to rent jet skis. So, naturally, we did just that. We rented them for an hour in the North Carolina sound, and met the guy under a bridge.
Riding the jet ski was exhilarating. After we got out of the general boat traffic, we floored it and I went faster than I ever had before in my life while on water, and I loved it.
After about 45 minutes, my friend realized that he had to use the bathroom, so he went back early, telling me not to worry about him waiting back at shore. Enjoy my hour.
Not 15 seconds after he had zoomed away, I saw a fin poking out of the water, and it was moving straight toward me. It was smooth and grey. It was a dolphin, I realized, as it got closer.
Now get this: the dolphin STOPPED right next to my jet ski, chattered at me, swam away, and then came back. This was an invitation to play. I didn't hesitate to jump off of the jet ski into the water, and the dolphin instantly swam up beside me.
It let me pet it and talk to it. It chattered back. It pulled me around on its dorsal fin. It was probably the most amazing 10 minutes or so of my life. I looked at my watch and realized that my hour was almost up. When I swam toward my jet ski, the dolphin seemed to understand and helped me back onto the jet ski (it was weird how it did it, very hard to explain).
And then it swam away.
And I drove away.
When I got back to shore my friend grinned at me, fist bumped me, I thanked the guy for his time, and my friend and I drove back to the hotel.

See, you wouldn't believe the story, but it actually happened (and it was AWESOME).

What are y'all's?

~ForkJust a lonely utensil Fork.png 00:50, January 28, 2014 (UTC)