Hey, y'all.... so I have a contest, inspired by myself, of course.

It's going to be epic. And any registered user can join with an unwritten story.

The stories must be finished in one month (so, November 1st... a Tuesday) at 6:00 P.M. EST. This means that if you live in Australia or something and you have a twelve-hour time difference, you must finish it November 2nd at 6:00 A.M. WST. The rest of y'all can figure it out yourself, right?

Anyway. The awards.

First, any award you get will be posted on your story, and here's the cool part: it's going to have the official WFW seal. :D (The seal is not saved on the wiki as a separate file, which is the way it will remain.) The winner will have a certificate at the top of their page saying that they won Forestpaw13's "The Best Contest in the World" Contest. Certificates will also be given to the 2nd and 3rd place winners, as well. In addition, if you win, you will be given chatmod status! (Oh yes. That is very good.) And 1st and 2nd place winners will get a drawing from me :) Because I am an amazing artist.

To win the contest, you must:

  • Have proper grammar and spelling as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Points will be deducted without it! (I don't care if you're English or you never learned to spell, you have the internet!)
  • Be creative! The prompt is going to be very specific, but it's up to you to go the "ends of the earth."
  • Do NOT base it on real warriors. That is to say, no LeafxCrow or "What if Hollyleaf was the third cat?" or anything like that.
  • And in addition to the last point, no name blogs! There are plenty of things in your head.
  • Names must be realistic. The plot must be realistic. And the story itself- the setting, the characters, and other things- must be (*gasp*) realistic! So no Strawberrydream or Metrometal. (If your name has "dream" in it, you have a problem in the first place.)
  • The story must have 10 chapters, an prologue, and an epilogue. If "prologue" and epilogue" are spelled wrong, I'm deducting points. They're written two times each right here in this bullet. And another time each: P-R-O-L-O-G-U-E and E-P-I-L-O-G-U-E
  • Have it in by November 1st at 6:00 P.M EST. If it's not posted by then, you will be disqualified. I don't care if your mother died or that you had school or you got writer's block up until three days until the due date. No excuses.
  • Write your story in a Word Document. Posting may begin on October 22nd at 3:00 P.M. EST and the story must be complete. After posting, no editing.
  • Judging will begin on November 2nd.

The Prompt

Oh yes, there is a prompt. It's pretty easy, too.

Your story must include the quote: "Why would she do that?"

Your character can say it, think it, narrate it. The gender may not be changed to a boy. When you use it in your story, PLEASE PUT IT IN BOLD. This is the easiest 10 points in the whole contest. If you do not put it in bold and I have to use the find feature in order to see where it is, you just lost 10 points. Bam.


Scoring is out of 100. I'm going to put the grades right here on the blog. :) (And yes, you are going to get a letter grade as well based on my school's scale. xD)

Spelling (as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary) - 30
Grammar - 30
Creativity - 15
Realistic - 10
In on time - 5
Use of prompt - 10

Prizes (again)

First Place

  • Certificate on your story page
  • Wikichat mod rights
  • A drawing by ME

Second Place

  • Certificate on your story page
  • A drawing by ME

Third Place

  • Certificate on your story page


Please leave a comment by October 6th (if the date is October 6th where you live, it's alright) if you are going to enter. Story titles must be in by October 11th (same as October 6th).


October 6th, anytime: Enter your name!
October 11th, anytime: Give me your story title.
October 22nd at 3:00 P.M. EST: Begin posting your story!
November 1st at 6:00 P.M. EST: DEADLINE.
November 2nd: Judging begins.


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