HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!! I know I'm a day late-or in some cases, two-but I just thought I'd tell all of you that I wrote the wikia a poem yesterday.

Yesterday I wasn't here because Ms. Forest decided to get in a car crash (that was a few weeks ago) and so last night I had to take a defensive driving class. Which was... uh... gruesome. I was rather bored, I didn't want to look at the screen, so I put my head down and thought of this poem.

I really don't want to offend everyone, but these people in the poem are some of my absolute best friends on the wiki... yeah. I love all of you, though :)

Oh yeah, AGAIN, I wrote this DURING CLASS.

An Ode to the WFW

First I would like to say
Thanks to the admins, every day.
I know that may include me
But this is my poem, so my words flow free.
Arti and Wetty and Birchy too,
You make this wiki less of a zoo.
Some days you forget to arrive
But I know most days for this you strive.

Second I will say thanks to the users
In my book all of you aren't losers.
All of you have become my chums,
Hey, does anybody have some gum?
I like the kind that isn't mint
Hint... hint...
Any other kind will be just fine
And on gum we can dine.

All the stuff I'm learning about I already know.
So get ready for this little show:
I love you guys, adore you all
Without you guys the wiki would surely fall.
Of course that requires the admins too
Does that really help? No. Poo.
I still can't see the movie, but I can see y'all
That makes me feel a bit less small.

I remember the days
That to most of us are a haze
Back when Zaffie had just arrived
From her our wikia insanity was derived.
Back when Arti thought I was a sysop
That's one moment recent memories cannot top.
Back when birds sang their songs
Before the internet, but here is where my heart belongs.

Wait, birds have always sang.
What is the point of this poem again?
To express my love, right, that's plain.
I love you guys, each and every one
On the internet, I'd consider y'all my sun.
And also the moon, but let's not get too specific
Y'all live in the Atlantic and the Pacific!

All over the world, yes?
This is something I can surely assess.
The States and the Kingdom and Australia as well,
The widespread love I have is surely swell.
Through you all I have discovered myself
Let's go put the books back on the shelf
This class is over, so is this ode
Yeeup, Fork's out of poem mode.

Yeahhhh, I'm not going to become a poet any time soon. Hope y'all appreciated it anyway! :3

Also, I'm going away this weekend. I almost forgot!

Fork out!

Forestpaw13 17:20, February 15, 2013 (UTC)

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