"These blogs?" You know, the ones where I rant about my issues and you comment and say that "You can do it, Fork!" and I say "Oh! You're great!" and everything is happy-dandy.

Until the end of this blog I am going to practice using my new rules of written English. You all tell me if there is a difference in my writing.

Ready? Go.

-cue trying, failing miserably, getting the rules mixed up, and having a general fail of a time trying to get some decent practice in-

I give up.

For real? Today was my first day of my new classes at school. I am now taking US History, English 11, and Spanish IV. So basically I'm in for a long semester.

In US History I walked in to find a grand surprise- I knew my teacher already, and he was excited to find that he knew me. Later in class he said, "I'm so excited to have you in my class, Anne! You made me feel so welcome last semester and you seem like a genuinely friendly person!" Ha! Ha! Wait until he meets me online!
I sit between a sophomore and a junior. Both boys, one is Extremely Studious and the other is Extremely Half-assed. (oops! This blog was supposed to be chaste!) So I would turn to my left and see a (rather cute) boy pulling out his planner to write down his homework, and from my right I would hear a loud scoffing noise and a lot of muttered curse words. We played a lot of get-to-know-one-another games and tried to have a good time, but ultimately failed.
My teacher, married or not, children or not, is gay. He is gay. I swear. I just can't prove it yet.

So cue English! D8<
The first thing we did was arrange ourselves by alphabetical order, which ended up with Mr. Popular saying "Oh, screw this," and sitting down in the first seat he saw. My teacher gave us the answer after that. I sit on the end of a row, YAYCAKES!
We worked on a worksheet that would give us tips for improving our writing, but all the tips were broken and we had to fix them.

Example: "Avoid affective awkward alliteration. Always." (includes wrong usage of "effective")
Solution: "Don't use alliteration."

Lunch was lunch. I discussed in detail the difference between my brain's abilities and most other people's.

Spanish was horrifying and terrifying and I shiver at the thought of thinking about it- or even going back tomorrow. I don't know or understand what I'm getting myself into. I'm afraid to try to understand.

Anyway, ciao... ~Fork

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