I do believe this is the most genuinely annoyed I've ever been while writing a blog for you guys, but I'm going to do it and y'all are going to appreciate it.

I personally will take full responsibility for three pranks pulled on the wiki-- mine, Zaffie's, and Star's. I gave them permission to do so, since they were easily repairable with a few simple clicks by me. So any yelling directed at them can be directed at me and I will respond accordingly. Be aware, however, that Zaffie and Star are highly defensive people. So now you're in with all of us :)

The next major issue I'd like to address is the people who have unfortunately decided to leave due to these incidents and the petty arguments that have arisen during that whole schebang.
The way I see it, and Gingerear phrased it perfectly, is that WFW is a rose. Roses are pretty, but roses have thorns, and it wouldn't be a rose without the thorns. You could even buy the cheap plastic one and it still wouldn't be the same thing. It's your choice to leave, but remember that the community will still be here if you're here or not. Come back if you like.

After that is the vandal I saw this morning. That vandal is banned infinitely. They are not coming back. I have nothing to do with that whatsoever.
The main issue with the vandal was not the vandal itself, but the way you guys dealt with the vandal in my absence.

So here is a wonderful guide on dealing with vandals with no admin around at the moment

  1. IGNORE THEM. You heard me, IGNORE THEM. Vandals, flamers, trolls, etc. are all fueled by those people who get mad and freak out. I was actually kind of ashamed reading all of your responses because it was just painful to look at. Don't cuss at the vandal, like, wow, seriously? If the vandal doesn't have the anger from y'all, they are less likely to do it. Get it?
  2. Don't restore edits. That makes it harder for me to see the damage and assess a ban time (which will be infinite anyway, but still).
  3. Don't leave messages on his/her talk page. This kind of corresponds with number one. Also, it makes MY message less scary because you already have weird, n00bish things on there.
  4. Don't defend those people who have their stories vandalized. Again, corresponds with number one. It looks n00bish and I actually found it hilarious, and so does the vandal.
  5. Actually, the best thing would be to not react at all. That's my and Arti's job. Get it? When you see an admin, follow rule number five! How hard is it?

Something that I've also seen

Yesterday I went on IRC and gave a single, simple direction: stop the pranks. Yes, I may have been a bit rude about it. Yes, it may have been unprecedented. I was under a lot of stress (still am, and yet I'm still having to be annoyed with this).
I understand that I'm close friends with some of you. But, my GOD, when I give a direction, don't disrespect ME, no matter how disrespectful I seem to you. I gave that direction because, in my high seat of half-power, I saw that the wiki was about to fall off its hinges. Obviously I was the one who gave permission for both pranks, so shouldn't I be the one to stop them? Arti and I stopped at an appropriate time.
The way that a few of you responded to my simple direction yesterday ("Stop the prank.") was unacceptable. You completely attacked me and I, in my state of stress and confusion, snapped back. You attacking me just made it worse. That is legitimately unacceptable and I'm not going to stand for it anymore. I am your leader, guys, if you don't like it, please leave. Please.

Arti isn't completely gone

So I really don't want to see questions about it yet. I don't even know what I personally am going to do.

And yes, please yell at me for the pranks

Because they're my fault. Be aware that whatever communication that you have with Star or Zaffie will be responded to by whoever it is that you talked to.

I have to go to work.

Peace out. --Forestpaw13 (Talk to me) (Don't like it? Leave)

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