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Warriors Fanfiction

I couldn't really think of an intelligent title for this.

Hi, everyone. I'm Fork, for those who don't know me. To those who do, hello! Long time, no see!

I'm a cool college kid now. That's right, I struggle every day with balancing absurd amounts of homework with everyday tasks, such as eating, sleeping, and money management. (Can that become the definition of 'college'? I'm impressed with my handiwork there.)

College is fun. I'm at an all-women's school. It's private. Not too far from home, but not too close, either. It's fun as all get out, y'all. All I'm saying. (Read: college is fun. Go there.)

At school, I'm earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (concentrating in Human Resource management) and in Psychology. Double majors are really common at my school and I'm not sure why. It keeps your options open, though, and lets you learn more and seem just as qualified. Double majors aren't as common in other colleges/universities.

I got stuck with a terrible roommate, but that's okay because I'm about to move in with one of my good friends. My best friends live all on my hall and I'm even close with my RA, which makes dealing with my roommate easier because we can laugh about it later.

My summer was good, too... camp is fun because even the terrible nights become great stories to tell later. I had a few difficult nights with campers and various situations and I got through it knowing that I could tell the story to my best friends later. (We had one incident with a camper in a wheelbarrow-- I love telling that story!)

I'm filled with funny stories and I have a lot of spare time, so I think I'll hang out here for the next few days. I might pop in on New Year's, because 2015 is gonna be AWESOME.

But yeah-- that's an update. I expect updates on y'all in the comments below. Don't be shy. Tell all!

--Fork, 5:02 EST, 28 Dec. 2014