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Warriors Fanfiction

All right! I've been advertising like crazy for the past few days since I came back, buttttttttt I have been working on an amazing story.

It's called Ocean and Sky, set in futuristic Clans, known as the New Clans, which have different values and traditions.



Because Arti is participating with me.

Yes, it's a two-person collab, among two veteran users of the wiki. I recruited Arti because she's been my long-time partner in crime. :) So don't be offended, people.

Basically the idea of this story is as follows.

The New Clans, called ThunderClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, and WindClan, all live on the same lake that the Old Clans (with legendary Firestar) did. They share the same camps, and they are the descendants of the Old Clans.
So what makes them different, you ask? I'll show you.
You see, in the famous battle against the Dark Forest, the Old Clans were destroyed, and they were forced to break up or face the wrath of the Dark Forest in consequence. Since they had just beaten the Clans so badly, no cat argued... and the Clans dissolved.
Skip ahead a few generations, and four cats--coincidentally named Thunder, River, Shadow, and Wind--gathered together and decided to refound the Clans upon the tales they heard as kits. They, like the founders of the Old Clans, recruited the cats for their Clans and restarted the Clans.
But under different rules, of course. Because they have to be different in SOME way... <3

The new rules are as follows!

  • Kits must fight their new mentors in their apprentice ceremony. If they are impressive enough in their fight, the mentor will agree to fight them. If they lose, the kit will die on the spot.
  • Warriors do not gain their warrior name right away. After their six-moon apprentice training, they gain the prefix -fur. After six moons of being a warrior, they gain their full warrior name and become a senior warrior.
  • Only senior warriors may train apprentices, and therefore only senior warriors may become deputy.
  • There are two deputies: the warrior deputy and the advisory deputy. The warrior deputy normally assures complete fighting ability by all members of the Clan while the advisory deputy advises the Clan leader in tough situations.
  • There is only one leader. With two deputies, the question is "Who will be leader?" This is solved with a famous battle known as a Rage. The two deputies will fight to the death upon their leader's death, and the winner becomes leader. It is an extremely tough fight to win.

In this new world, there must be a plot.

Two sisters are born into RiverClan, and with a prophecy their entire life is changed.

We'll post the first few chappies soon. <3 The ants are marching two by two Hurrah, hurrah 00:09, June 28, 2012 (UTC)