This blog is, straight off, a complete lie. It is a rant, it is anger and annoyance put into writing. It is most likely not going to be a few tips. So let's establish that. Right now. Straight off the bat.

Now by all means, please continue reading!

Lately on the wiki I've clicked on a few stories and had to instantly backspace. And, surprisingly, this has nothing to do with atrocious grammar or huge paragraphs or even instant boredom. No. It has to do with something I like to call "Coding Overload".

"Coding Overload" is not a good thing. It's people showing off their coding skills ("I can do that, too! Watch!") to the masses and also, because they need a reason, throwing a story in there. I mean, for God's sake, I've seen freaking rainbows. That's way too much!

Honestly, guys, we're a fanfiction wiki, not a showing-off wiki (unless it's your writing skills). I'm not asking y'all, I'm begging y'all: please stop killing my eyes every time I click on a page. It's really not necessary.

If you guys love to code, put the love into your signatures! That's what personalized signatures are intended for. If there's no other way to attract attention to your story other than coding like a maniac, I would say only put something insane at the very top of the page, like a title, and leave the rest of the story text alone, so people aren't initially overwhelmed when they do click on your story.

tl;dr: The coding hurts my eyes. Don't code so much.

Peace out! ~Forest

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