I decided to say goodbye one last time because I kind of went out with a bang... I don't want that. I'm Forest. I planned on leaving a bit more gradually, but look at this.

I know a lot of you are angry, harboring feelings, blah blah, but I want to use this space to celebrate (almost) 3 years of fun and creativity... so please respect me (since I'm not in charge) and don't insult me or whatever. That's the reason I left.

First, I want to say how much FUN I had with you all! Random Parties, IRC, Warriors Idol, RPing... I still smile when I think of all these memories! This wiki was very much a huge part of my life and I was delighted to be able to lead you guys and learn from my mistakes. (Trust me, I've learned!) I made such fantastic friends here. I could trust you guys and tell you about my life and I knew that you would listen (every story I told was entertaining, right? RIGHT?). I was glad (but sometimes stressed) to listen to y'all's problems, as well.

Second, I want to apologize for my horrible decisions in the past month or so. I've already apologized to those who it actually involved and explained myself to the people who I want to understand, and they have forgiven me. That's over.

And third. My well-regards.
I know me leaving is a huge transition, from what I could gather from myself stalking the wiki today, but you guys are some of the strongest people I know. You guys can push through this! I saw some fantastic ideas hanging around. Like the garage sale thing. I'm going to ask that none of you all touch my better stories (and I'm sure you know what they are).
Arti will be an absolutely fantastic admin, but yes, she is still young and very human. Humans (and young humans especially) make mistakes. If you didn't respect my mistakes, I'm asking you to PLEASE, PLEASE respect her choices. She and I always had the wiki in mind, and we genuinely did want to do what was best.

Now I know you're saying: "FOREST! COME BACK!" So many of you have said so in so many places (including Facebook and my email. Smart, guys, get me where you know I am). And when I reply "No, I'm not coming back," I know you'll ask "Why?"

Here's why. I LOVE being gone! (That was not meant rudely. xD) For a lot of reasons:

  1. I'm not being insulted every time I turn around. All I can say about that is: you guys don't know me like my real friends do (again... not meant in the way you probably read it), so why are you judging me? Most of you don't know what I deal with every day, and to come on here and be insulted day in and day out isn't fun.
  2. I have so much more time! I started a new semester (new classes... none of my old ones) and I can tell you that now I have time to study, do my homework, tutor my friends... all of that. It's awesome.
  3. I have such a different outlook on life. I go to class to learn, not to figure out how to do my homework as quickly as possible.

... and more reasons as well. But those are the big ones.

Another few big things since I left:

  • I went on my first date <3
  • I took the SATs
  • My cancer got better- it's Stage 3.
  • I accepted a job for over the summer as a part-time doctor/nurse

So. Yes. Last edit. I'm serious this time. For those of you who are my friends, I've already friended you on FB. So you can still hang. For the rest of you! Follow me on Twitter. Click the link of my userpage.

So... yes.

Hasta la vista, baby! :)


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