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Warriors Fanfiction

Forestpaw13 Forestpaw13 16 April 2020

It's been 6 actual years, and COVID brings me back


I think I have bugged in and out of this community since 2008, when I was in middle school. Now it's 20freaking20 and I'm a real adult, when I want to be.

Idk man. A little bit about me: I am Fork, aka Forestpaw13. I was the head admin here from like 2009-2013ish. I wrote some stories sometimes but really I just hung around and chatted. This was an outlet for my creativity and I felt safe enough here to really talk to people and get to know them. When high school ended and I started college in 2014, I got too busy. Sometimes I circle back through and smile at my writing style back then. I literally have no idea what "Erin Hunter" and her gaggle of gals are doing at the moment, but I know what I've been up to and if anyone remembers me,…

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Forestpaw13 Forestpaw13 28 December 2014

Graham Crackers

I couldn't really think of an intelligent title for this.

Hi, everyone. I'm Fork, for those who don't know me. To those who do, hello! Long time, no see!

I'm a cool college kid now. That's right, I struggle every day with balancing absurd amounts of homework with everyday tasks, such as eating, sleeping, and money management. (Can that become the definition of 'college'? I'm impressed with my handiwork there.)

College is fun. I'm at an all-women's school. It's private. Not too far from home, but not too close, either. It's fun as all get out, y'all. All I'm saying. (Read: college is fun. Go there.)

At school, I'm earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (concentrating in Human Resource management) and in Psychology. Do…

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Forestpaw13 Forestpaw13 2 May 2014

We Will Be The Hopeful


Hi, I'm Fork. I'm 18 years old, in the limbo between high school and college, and a now-five-year wikia member (that is to say, my first edit was five years ago). I'm a cancer survivor. I was a junior doctor. I'm sort of Australian, but I was raised American. I'm going to be a summer camp counselor again this summer. I'm a YMCA Office Manager. My friends describe me as funny, outgoing, nice, "swaggy", a good driver, and an overall happy person.

Oh, and I attempted suicide in October 2012, just over a year and a half ago.

I suffered from clincially-diagnosed major depression from May 2012 to June 2013. I still suffer from generalized anxiety and social anxiety, otherwise known as social phobia. I go through many of my days as a…

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Forestpaw13 Forestpaw13 4 March 2014

Grab Bag!

Hi everyone!

So I thought it would be really fun if we did a WFW "Grab Bag", or a survey of random questions that really don't have much of a purpose. They're really fun and totally not informative! If this is popular, I'll make more! I'm in college, I have plenty of free time! Feel free to suggest questions!

I made one, please don't stalk me:


Please take it! I'll post the results when I get a decent amount of responses.

~Fork (Firey if you get on me about the tilde I will murder you.)

Notice: If I get any more immature responses like the ones I'm seeing, I'm taking this down and making one where nobody has a "free response" (which is half the purpose of grab b…

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Forestpaw13 Forestpaw13 28 January 2014

You wouldn't believe it!

So lately I've been thinking about a lot of strange things, and then I remembered a story of mine.

You see, this story has no witnesses, I have no pictures, there is literally no evidence that this happened in the SLIGHTEST and yet this still happened.

So before I tell mine, I want to ask y'all: what are your strange stories like that?

Here's mine:

Once, the summer when I was 16, my friend went to the beach and I finally realized that we were old enough to rent jet skis. So, naturally, we did just that. We rented them for an hour in the North Carolina sound, and met the guy under a bridge.
Riding the jet ski was exhilarating. After we got out of the general boat traffic, we floored it and I went faster than I ever had before in my life while on…
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