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aka Jay, Bluejay, Flutter

  • I live in On a rainbow.
  • I was born on August 12
  • My occupation is Being Queen of the marshmallow cats (=^;^=)
  • I am Your Queen Jay. She loves LPS, Warriors and more :3
  • Fluttershy The Animal Loving Dreamer

    So, I actually made an effort to log on here today.

    I'm taking a reaaaaaallllllyyyyyy long break from Wikia.

    I have stuff going on in real life. School has started recently and there's a truckload of homework... :c

    I'm sorry if I have disappointed some of you.

    I haven't been on Wikia for over 3 or 4 weeks.

    And trust me, I feel extremely bad.

    I'm sorry.

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  • Fluttershy The Animal Loving Dreamer

    Hi guys, it's Jay here and today I've decided to make special story covers for some of you! Comment down below the answers to these questions, and I'll make the pic, and then give it to you in the talk page. You can use these on your stories as long as you give credit to me. Thanks!

    1. What picture do you want me to use? (If you want me to do a collage, I can try do that, but it might not be perfect. However, I can still make one! But you need to tell me what pictures you want and where first.)

    2. What kind of special effects would you like?

    3. What text font would you like?

    4. What would you like the text to say?

    5. Where do you want the text to be?

    6. What colour do you want the text to be?

    Hope ya like :) And request away!

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  • Fluttershy The Animal Loving Dreamer

    GUYS. IT'S ME, JAY! BLUEJAY12! I hope you all remember me.

    I am VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERYYYYYYY SORRU FOR NOT VISITING WFW IN MONTHSSSSSS! I have just been SO BUSY and I haven't had the time. I am so so so sorry that I haven't finished any stories like I promised.

    I am sure many of my old friends have left this week, and that there are dozens of dozens of new users to all meet 😱

    Okay.. So I'm back and writing more stories again. But I can't go on all the time, which I apoligise. I'll check everyday and go on a bit, write a bit, idk..

    I've changed. I use better spelling and grammar YAYYYYYY :))) I'll write more interesting stories I hope, and possibly continuing JAGGED PINES :OOOOOO

    SO I AM OFFICIALLY BACK!!!!!!! I hope I get …

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  • Fluttershy The Animal Loving Dreamer

    I wuold like to write a collab with about 4 people maybe? I'm already doing one with Whitey, but I'm just wondering if anyone's free for a collab (I don't mind if you have somany fanfictions piled up on your shoulders) but please, a collab?

    If so, then...

    Contact me on my talk and we can brainstorm, k?

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  • Fluttershy The Animal Loving Dreamer
    • Second blog this mooooonth*

    HEY GUYS I'm going to make a spoof and character/OC signups are currently open!! Just fill out the form in the comments about your OC.

    Description [what your kitty looks like]:

    Appearance In SPoof [how your kitty will appear in the spoof]:

    Name [The name of your kitty, duh]:

    THEIR FAVE OBJECT [your kitty's favourite object]:

    Kitty's Fave Fandom [yeah its a spoof it has no limits]:

    Other stuff [other features. DUH.]:

    Sooo your cats will be featured in the spoof when it's time! Example form (this will be my form for my charrie):

    Description: Light peachy coat with thin ginger stripes running through fur and sea-green eyes

    Appearance In SPoof: She appears out of a cupcake that has pink frosting :D

    Name: Cherryfeather


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