Okay first of all most of you will know what I'll be talking about in this blog. Oh yes, the total devastation of my goal of being everyone's friend! Okay all of you know that I'm a nice guy and I try to be friendly to everyone, but what some of you don't understand is that I'm also a normal person and I can get angry, and I only get angry when you snap at me or insult me, tell me I'm the one that ruins everything,... If you say such things and you don't respect me, I will not show respect for you. That is my way of living, I want to be friendly to everyone what I ask in return is some friendship, not insults.

This is about the comments on Stranded isn't it? Yes it is!

People you have to understand that I do what I think is the best idea for Stranded. Stormy gave the collab to me, so it means it are my ideas now. Imagine that you make the ideas for a collab of yours and someone tells you that it's a bad idea and starts to sort of insult you. How would you feel? (please tell me in the comments) Won't you do the same thing that I did? Imagine someone gives a collab to you, just out of nothing 'cause she/he trusts you, and you want to follow in the footsteps of the person that gave you the collab. You want to realise this idea, you have already dicided what you're going to do. And then a person that works with you on the collab dicides to put everyone against you 'cause he/she thinks it isn't a good idea, he/she hates the idea, and thinks that he/she can dicide what you have to do. That person starts to insult you even more and you get the impression that this person doens't respect your ideas. How would you feel huh, when you read all that and your day is ruined?

Sorry about everything, but I'm not the only one that has to apologize, I didn't start this.

Okay now that you all know how I felt when I woke up yesterday and this morning, I want to apologize for being a bit rude. Stranded will be a mild horror story (that was what we were aiming for, but you just didn't understand) and I take the bad words that I said back. I don't want to insult anyone, I don't want to scare writers away, the only thing that I wanted was a little respect. Respect that I only got from my best friends on this wiki; Stormy, Brighty and Eevee; the argument was ridiculous, but I wasn't the one that started it, neither was I the one that made it even worse. So sorry.


It's not 'cause it isn't scary yet that it won't be scary! (Ginger will write the non horror parts, and I have an idea how we'll fix the issue that it will be a creepy story and she will write the not so creepy parts.)

Note to Dawny

Dawny do you please want to come back? We at least have to talk about this.

One other thing I ask for

I hope that we all can be friends again and that we try to avoid ridiculous discussions like this in the future. (I don't want to insult anyone with this blog, I just wanted you guys to know how I felt)

Firestar out and happy again.

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