Hey there great people and cats from the WFW!!

Firestar's here for some fanfiction updates!

The Beginning Of The End

So I now have three cool co-writers for The Beginning Of The End. Cchen, Eevee and Lilly thank you again!!! :D

One question to my co-writers: Who wants to write chapter 3?

New fanfictions!

  • The Lost Warrior: This will be a story about Ravenpaw and his quest to find ThunderClan. Prequel to The Beginning Of The End.
  • Dawn Of The Shadow: This story will be about new Clans that try to find a new home. But when they do, a cat, hungry for power, tries to take over the forest and fill it with the eternal darkness of his tyranny. A prequel to the events of the Rising Darkness saga and The Path of the Stars saga.
  • Ultimate Power: This will be about a large dark cat that travels on a quest to gain the ultimate power. Prequel to The Beginning Of The End.


  • I will make a fanfiction about Tangle's SummerClan on this wiki. It will be about my favorite RPing character on there, Thunderblaze. It will be about Thunderblaze's hard life to gain trust from other cats and his leader Badgerstar. It will be a dramatic story, just to let you guys know.
  • I'm also gonna make another fanfic about the SummerClan warrior, Shadowstrike. He's actually evil but this story will be about his life before that and how he eventually became a traitor.
  • I need titles for these two new stories, I'm open for suggestions!


  • If you wanna co-write one of these new stories with me just let me know in the comments.

Firestar out!

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