Hello ladies and gentleman of the Warriors Fanfiction Wiki. I'm Firestar, perhaps you already know me or you don't know me. Well I have a story on this wiki called Warriors: The Beginning Of The End.

Some characters in the story

  • Well if you read it you may wonder: Who's the kit that Cinderheart found and brought to ThunderClan? Well I decided to let you guys give him a name. He has black with red fur and yellow eyes. If you have an idea for the name than post it in a comment.
  • We also have Bluekit (Bluepaw) but she isn't born yet in the story. Well if she recieves her warrior name what will it be? If you have an idea post it in a comment.

The cat you all know

Well here is the cat you all came for, Ravenpaw! Well I decided to let him return to ThunderClan. But what will be his warrior name? Please post in a comment.


  • I'm going to follow film, and I have plans for making the Warriors series into a film series! But don't worry I will stay very, very, very, very, very close to the real plot of the stories.

May StarClan light your paths my friends.

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