Hello great people, cats and other entities of WFW!!!

Here is your mighty ruler Tigerstar... uh I mean your good friend Firestar...

Today is a special day for me...IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I will go on a trip tomorrow and Sunday but don't worry I'LL BE BACK!!!!
  • I will probably start on my new fanfictions next week.
  • Thanks to all the people that want to help me!!! Thank you again!!
  • To my co-writers for The Beginning Of The End: I will be on the chat on Monday.

!!!!To The People Of The SummerClan RP Wiki!!!!

The SummerClan RP Wiki is Reborn!!!!! So I hope that ALL yes ALL members start RPing again. I've been trying to get it back but the only thing missing is you guys. SO PLEASE DO IT FOR TANGLE, HIMG, BRIGHTY, JET AND ME!!!!!!!!!!


  • The people I mentioned are the only ones still active on the SRPW, mostly Brighty and me.
  • Please be active on the SummerClan RP Wiki again! Do it as a BDay present for me!
  • This was all I had to say.

Well then, Firestar out!

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