FireStar97 FireStar97 20 November 2013

The HARDEST Decision I've ever made in my Life...

Hello my fellow friends from the WFW. I'm here to inform you of one of the hardest dicisions I've ever had to make in my life....

I'm going to leave the wiki... :(

This may not come as a surprise to you or maybe it will.

As you may have noticed, I'm very inactive since school started again. Plus I have my BIONICLE stopmotion series (and wiki about the series) plus another wiki to attend to. So it is with pain in my heart that I have to leave you.

  • I will give my story Warriors: The Beginning Of The End to Eevee for being such a great friend! (and co-writer...)
  • I will give Stranded back to Stormy. But I do not want my chapter to be deleted....
  • I will also leave the SummerClan RPing Wiki. Thank you Tangle for making that awesome wiki...I want my ca…

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FireStar97 FireStar97 16 October 2013

I'm back from my three-day trip

Hey guys I'm back! The Fire that will save the Clan has returned to the wiki after being gone for three days.

The trip was exciting and fun but I'm really exhausted. But I'm back now and I will be active again :D (it was for school BTW)

  • I will RP on the SC RPing Wiki tomorrow. I'm tired right now.
  • I will be on the chat tomorrow.
  • I made this blog to let you guys know where I was. IT'S GOOD TO BACK AGAIN :D :D
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FireStar97 FireStar97 1 October 2013

The ridiculous discussion is over!

Okay first of all most of you will know what I'll be talking about in this blog. Oh yes, the total devastation of my goal of being everyone's friend! Okay all of you know that I'm a nice guy and I try to be friendly to everyone, but what some of you don't understand is that I'm also a normal person and I can get angry, and I only get angry when you snap at me or insult me, tell me I'm the one that ruins everything,... If you say such things and you don't respect me, I will not show respect for you. That is my way of living, I want to be friendly to everyone what I ask in return is some friendship, not insults.

  • 1 This is about the comments on Stranded isn't it? Yes it is!
  • 2 Sorry about everything, but I'm not the only one that has to apologize,…

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FireStar97 FireStar97 9 August 2013

Firestar's Birthday!!!

Hello great people, cats and other entities of WFW!!!

Here is your mighty ruler Tigerstar... uh I mean your good friend Firestar...

Today is a special day for me...IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I will go on a trip tomorrow and Sunday but don't worry I'LL BE BACK!!!!
  • I will probably start on my new fanfictions next week.
  • Thanks to all the people that want to help me!!! Thank you again!!
  • To my co-writers for The Beginning Of The End: I will be on the chat on Monday.

The SummerClan RP Wiki is Reborn!!!!! So I hope that ALL yes ALL members start RPing again. I've been trying to get it back but the only thing missing is you guys. SO PLEASE DO IT FOR TANGLE, HIMG, BRIGHTY, JET AND ME!!!!!!!!!!

  • The people I mentioned are the only ones still active on the SR…

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FireStar97 FireStar97 6 August 2013

New fanfiction ideas!

Hey there great people and cats from the WFW!!

Firestar's here for some fanfiction updates!

  • 1 The Beginning Of The End
  • 2 New fanfictions!
  • 4 Notes

So I now have three cool co-writers for The Beginning Of The End. Cchen, Eevee and Lilly thank you again!!! :D

One question to my co-writers: Who wants to write chapter 3?

  • The Lost Warrior: This will be a story about Ravenpaw and his quest to find ThunderClan. Prequel to The Beginning Of The End.
  • Dawn Of The Shadow: This story will be about new Clans that try to find a new home. But when they do, a cat, hungry for power, tries to take over the forest and fill it with the eternal darkness of his tyranny. A prequel to the events of the Rising Darkness saga and The Path of the Stars saga.
  • Ultimate Power…

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