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  • Eulalia459678

    As I'm sure everyone's seen, the wiki recently lost two admins. I'd be happy to continue serving as the only pseudo-active admin here (GB is inactive, but I'm online every day across other wikis, and can usually be reached via IRC).

    Most of you think that the wiki needs another admin, though, so that's why we're here. By asking different people, and looking at past contributions, I've decided on three users. Please use the comments to vote for a user in the format of "VOTE: Username; Reason". Please, do not vote unless you've been a member of the wiki for two weeks or longer.

    The following are the options that should be used in place of "Username"

    • Artimas Hunter
    • Hiddensun
    • Maplefern

    Or, if you believe as I do,

    • Keep Eulalia as only admin

    Before you …

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