It's finally all done! Also everyone go thank Blazey for reminding me to wrap up WFWA, everything's all done but I completely forgot to announce the results (side effect of six hours of sleep).

Just to explain how the winning works, stories were given a rating by the judges out of ten. If the wiki vote winner was slightly off from the judges' winner, then the wiki vote winner would win, but if it was hugely off, then the judges' score would win out.

For example, say Story A was rated 9.5/10, and Story B was rated 7/10. If Story B won the wiki vote, the judges' score would overpower it and Story A would win. But if Story B lost at 8/10, and still won the wiki vote, the wiki vote would be less off from the judges' and Story B would win.

Note that story ratings are not shared with anyone outside of the judges! Thank you!

BEST ANTAGONIST goes to Gorsethorn from We Can't Stay by Brighty! Gorsethorn was manipulative, possessive, abusive, and overall creepy and wonderful. He scarred our main protagonist permanently, and while terrible, it makes him a great antagonist. Congrats to Brighty!

BEST PROTAGONIST goes to by Breezeflight from Vale by Rainy! Breezeflight was wonderful, and pushed the story on as a protagonist while also being an amazing character of her own. She's so real, and kicks up the plot like a match to gasoline. Go Rainy!

BEST HERO goes to Creekfrost from Two Birds by Patch! Creekfrost struggles against his sister, torn between the fact that she's his sister and also that she's a murderer. He's caring and just really interesting to read, great job, Patch!

BEST VILLAIN goes to Dawnpaw from Singularity by Blazey! Dawnpaw is amazingly creepy and awe-inspiring, and the line between who's at fault for the way she turned out is beautifully blurred. Congratulations, Blazey!

BEST OVERALL STORY goes to The Ocean by Wetty! The Ocean makes you squee happily and weep dejectedly all at the same time. It's an exhilarating rollercoaster to read. You deserve the win, Wetty!

BEST CONCEPT goes to Wounds Beyond Measure by Fox! Wounds Beyond Measure deals with some interesting themes and a really good protagonist. We'd love to see where it goes- Great job, Fox!

BEST STYLE OF NARRATION goes to Equinox by Blazey! The blend between second and first person storytelling in Equinox uniquely sets it apart from every other story on this wiki. Great work, Blazey!

BEST POTENTIAL goes to My Dirty Little Secret by Clever! My Dirty Little Secret spins on a common storyline in the Warriors fandom and does it so right. The characters are interesting and the writing is too. Go Clever!

BEST SHIP goes to Bryce/Terran from Rise by Firey! Bryce and Terran are just really cute and supportive of each other and overall just great. This win is well-deserved, congrats, Firey!

BEST CLICHE-KICKER goes to Singularity by Blazey! Singularity rewrites the usual mustache-twirling bad guy into something really interesting and meaningful. Congratulations, Blazey!

BEST FITS SONG goes to Long Live by Rainy! Long Live's plotline matches the song step by step, and yet still gives room for wonderful characterization, a fault many songfics fall prey to. Well done, Rainy!

BEST SHORT STORY goes to Gray by Blazey! Gray is a special take on a canon character and an interesting way to percieve him. Nice work, Blazey!

Congratulations to every one of the winners! You all did a fantastic job. And even to anyone who was nominated but didn't win, be proud as well! Everyone deserved their nominations, you all worked so hard on your stories and that deserves recognition. Keep up the great work, everybody! And remember, there's always next year, so aim at it again! C:


Okay so I didn't announce these because I wasn't sure if I'd be able to take it on and also didn't want anyone hounding me (twelve pieces of owed art is pretty stressful haha) but I'll be drawing a prize for every story featuring whatever it was that won. It's been over a month, I know, and I only started and finished one today, but once I've got it all done I'll put 'em here to maybe incentivize more people to participate in WFWA next year how 'bout that xD

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