FIRST OFF I'm redoing the prizes; the top three were just so good they all deserve a cat drawing okay third place gets a headshot, second place gets a fullbody (or headshot if they want), first place gets a fullbody with a background (or headshot if they want). And all winners will receive a comment on a story of their choosing. Also, the banner prize was removed because it's kinda useless lol.


(I'm gonna say it like four times later in this blog but any story mentioned here deserves a comment if you've got the time. JUST! DO IT! (c) Shia LaBeouf, Nike 2015)

HONORABLE MENTIONS To Merit Bliss has a ton of potential, but due to the lack of completion, it fell short. I mean, two of the stories in the top three aren't finished, but those writers summarized the rest of the story for me (and they had more than To Merit Bliss and would've scored higher regardless.) Y'all should go tell Brighty (when they come back) how great their story already is and Brighty, I can't wait to read more if you decide to continue it.

And Wounds Beyond Measure was really good but had only a few flaws that held it back. It's really really good and you should go comment on it. The characters are really interesting and the plot's cool and the whole story deserves to be shouted out, so nice job to Fox!

THIRD PLACE goes to.............Eyes in the Dark by Pumpkin. This story was great. I absolutely love Breezeleaf and how she'll turn out later on in the story if you continue it. Head over to that story and comment on it. It's really great. The characters are beautiful, the faint touch of a cliche is so well done it doesn't matter. All of you go convince Pumpkin to continue writing the story.

SECOND PLACE goes to.......................Heart of the Beast by Firey. I love the characters and the plot so much, the ship is adorable, and you added a bit of...stuff that enhanced the story while also making it possible for kids to read. The true villain, evil as she is, at least has a reason (on the side) for what she's doing. She's cuckoo, but she also loves the "villain." Not justifiable at all, but it's cool to see that bit of her. Go give HotB a comment please!

FIRST PLACE goes to.....DRUMROLL PLEASE.......................Singularity by Blazey! Holy smokes I love Dawnpaw so much and what happens to her later...god I need to make sure I don't spam this blog with how much I love it. The story's cliche-free and everyone GO READ IT AND LEAVE A COMMENT OKAY. And you need to go beg Blazey to finish Singularity.

CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS AND EVERYONE WHO ENTERED! Every one of you, whether you got a prize or an honorable mention, did amazingly.

All the winners, let me know what story you'd like me to comment on and who and what you want me to draw (I can draw cats and also dragons so if for some reason you want me to draw a dragon just say the word). Give me a very detailed description of the characters and I'll send you the sketch and the flat colors to make sure I got it all right.

Thank you all for participating in this contest! It was a blast ot hold, and a ton of fun reading all your stories. Great job!

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