DeltaStriker DeltaStriker 29 January 2013


I don't believe I ever formally introduced myself. I am DeltaStriker, season Wikia member and an avid Warriors fan. Despite the fact that I am new here, I know the ins and outs of Source Code Editing, Writing, and general Wikia stuff.

So far I have written the Prologue and Chapter 1 of Before the Storm, the first story in the Fate of the Mountains Arc. For more information on the characters and locations from this Arc, please check out the Warriors Fanon Wiki.

Also, I have created my first spoof, Jeopardy: Warriors Edition. The First Day is underway, though I will only edit it when I have writer's block or a lack of inspiration.

Finally, I have begun my first guide, Delta's Guide to Writing Adventure Fanfics. Action/Adventure stories being my p…

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