Hello everyone. If you are wondering who I am, well, I'm DeadRaiser (hopefully that's obvious.) I was just in the midst of remembering my early days on Wikia and wondered if this site is still up and running. Lo and behold it is!

Almost four years ago, I came across this site while I was in love with the Warriors series and couldn't believe that a place where I can make my own Warriors-based stories exists! I instantly decided to make an account and start writing. What was my username? Well, this may be a throwback to those that were around in 2011, if any are still on here, but my username was Blackstar27.

I was in the middle of a couple of stories and other fan fictions, but never finished them by the time I stopped coming here in 2012. Now, is this some gracious return to the site all of a sudden and finally finishing those stories? Sadly, no. I quickly came by to see how things are going and give a shoutout to any member that has been on here since 2011.

It's still shocking to think that three, almost four years ago, I was a twelve year old kid with some big ideas and now here I am, 16 (almost 17) and thinking about how a lot of what I did on here set me on the path I will be on for the rest of my life. Writing. Well, this is my solemn farewell to this site, but I won't forget it, despite how short of a time I was actually on here.

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