Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

So, I have absolutely nothing to do, so why not make another contest? :D

How about Mother's Day? While not quite here yet, I'm sure it will be fun. Here are the requirements:


  • The story's main focus must be mothers, or have a mother's day theme.
  • I haven't really put a restriction on chapters; this is a no-pressure, no-problem contest. Short story, full fanfiction, unfinished fanfiction, all are considered!
  • The contest ends on May 31st. Stories must be completed (or close to being completed) by then!


This is the part you've all been waiting for, hmm?

After the last contest I had, I've decided that I don't like places. So, instead, there will simply be three winners. No 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, just three winners. :)

Those three lucky winners will each receive the same prize: I will dedicate an episode of Voice to you! (All except the second episode; that episode is dedicated to Sea.) A message reading, "This episode is dedicated to XXX" will appear at the top of the episode of your choosing.

This is a very small contest, so the prizes aren't as huge as the last one (Yikes! I still have to get working on that!) but I hope you'll find it satisfactory.

Put a link to your entry in the comments below, and I'll make sure to take a look at it!


Fox - Restored Heart

Storm - Stag

Brams - Night Ripples

Blazey - Purple Flowers

Aria - Mother's Flowers

Sea <3 - Always

Firefly - A Little Love

Bladey - We Are Eternal

"I'm not mad. I just tell the truth." 02:18, April 25, 2016 (UTC)