DaringDooDarkstripe123 DaringDooDarkstripe123 25 April 2016

Mother's Day Contest

So, I have absolutely nothing to do, so why not make another contest? :D

How about Mother's Day? While not quite here yet, I'm sure it will be fun. Here are the requirements:

  • The story's main focus must be mothers, or have a mother's day theme.
  • I haven't really put a restriction on chapters; this is a no-pressure, no-problem contest. Short story, full fanfiction, unfinished fanfiction, all are considered!
  • The contest ends on May 31st. Stories must be completed (or close to being completed) by then!

This is the part you've all been waiting for, hmm?

After the last contest I had, I've decided that I don't like places. So, instead, there will simply be three winners. No 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, just three winners. :)

Those three lucky winners will each rec…

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DaringDooDarkstripe123 DaringDooDarkstripe123 18 December 2015

Poems! :D (a.k.a Dark's Challenge)

So, hi! I'm not dead! I still exist! :O IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!

Okay, so let's dispense with the niceties and proceed to the matter at hand: I am hosting a competition! (I've never done this before, so my wording of certain things may be the slightest bit awkward.) I've wanted to for a while now!

So, yeah, it's a story competition, but it's a little bit different...

  • 1 Rules
  • 2 Prizes!
    • 2.1 1st Place
    • 2.2 2nd Place
    • 2.3 3rd Place
  • 3 Afterward
  • 4 Participants
  • 5 Winners

1. The story must be a Poem-Story (There must be short poems throughout the story). The poems can be anywhere in the story, whether they are at the beginning of each chapter or at the end of each chapter or something else.

2. Obviously, the story must focus on Warriors! (Don't think that really needs…

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DaringDooDarkstripe123 DaringDooDarkstripe123 5 July 2015

I have returned

For all those who know I actually exist XD: You may have noticed I haven't been all that active. Well, life gets busy sometimes. :) So, I'm going to try and edit my stories a little more, improve my old ones, perhaps even start some more. I'll try to comment, too, on some of the awesome stories out there!

But guess what? Inactivity isn't the only reason I've written this blog. Toms and She-cats, kits and, er, girl kits, It's my (drumroll please) WIKI-ANNIVERSARY :D (well, late wiki-anniversary anyway). I joined this wiki on July 2nd with my first story, Legacy of TrappedClan, so I'm only three days late. Can I have cake now please? Leave cake in the comments. XD BUT I'M SUPER EXCITED!


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DaringDooDarkstripe123 DaringDooDarkstripe123 6 July 2014

Waiting for the Storm Characters

Waiting for the Storm is a Fan fiction, but I need character ideas! The Fan fiction itself will feature made-up Clans, and therefore, I would appreciate Clan cat names. The three Clans are DarkClan, StormClan, and MapleClan. Please leave your cat in the comments using this Form:


Colors: (Include Eye color, Pelt color, scars or interesting features, etc. No Unnatural colors, but you can have reddish tabby and grey-blue)


Rank: (The Leader and Deputy of DarkClan are taken)


Thank you!


MapleClan Deputy, Medicine cat, and Leader are taken.

DarkClan Leader, Medicine cat, and Deputy are taken.

StormClan Deputy, Medicine cat, and Leader are taken.

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