I think this is my first blog, and honestly, I looked up what to write in one. So... I will follow those requirements and continue.

The reason the title is called Shadows of the Past is because my past is very twisted for me. Many things have happened that I wish I could have changed, and people are gone and I wish with all of my heart, mind, and soul that they are still here.

The memory is a tricky thing. Memories will come back when you don't expect it. They come in dreams, visions, and sometimes the familiar tone of someone's voice will make you second guess yourself. I think, "what is wrong with me?!" when these things happen. Then I realize I really can't stop them from happening. They're memories. They keep coming back.

I lost someone close to me not that long ago- they are still alive. This person is someone that I see every day but I never talk to anymore. It is a pain for me to hear his voice and see his pain and not go to him. I wish to do this, but my heart won't allow it because somehow I know I can't. Like I said, my past is twisted. Another thing similar to this happened, but now that person I will never see again because of what I did.

My past is a past of shadows.

This is the end of my first blog.

~ Live long and prosper ~
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