DJ Wolfy7 DJ Wolfy7 24 February 2020

The Warriors Series

At first, the Warriors series was just a regular series to other kids in my fourth grade that was popular. I paid no attention to it because I was new at the school at the time and thought that the books that I were reading at the time were fine. But, when I picked up one of those books, my life basically changed. I love the Warriors series to this day, and wouldn't be into reading as much as I am now if it weren't for that series.

I created this blog because this is a warriors fanfiction wiki and I just wanted to express how much of an impact the Warriors series has had on my life. Also, I love cats now, because of that series. SO THANK YOU!

~ Live Long and Prosper! ~

- Lieutenant Commander Nightay Wolf

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DJ Wolfy7 DJ Wolfy7 20 February 2020

Why Star Trek?

I have had a lot of my friends ask me this question (including my parents and my brother): Why Star Trek? For others out there who have a similar question for me, here is my detailed answer, which I was planning on talking about any ways:

In the beginning, I wasn't into Star Trek as much as I am now. I liked watching the shows for the origional series from 8 to 9, only when my parents would let me because then I had to go to bed. Then, I began to watch it more often. I wrote down more observations, more questions. Until finally, I was obsessed.

It wasn't because of the amazing, breathtaking, and daring missions that the crew of Starfleet take to complete their prime directive, even if sometimes they don't. It's because it's what I want to do…

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DJ Wolfy7 DJ Wolfy7 20 February 2020

Shadows of the Past

I think this is my first blog, and honestly, I looked up what to write in one. So... I will follow those requirements and continue.

The reason the title is called Shadows of the Past is because my past is very twisted for me. Many things have happened that I wish I could have changed, and people are gone and I wish with all of my heart, mind, and soul that they are still here.

The memory is a tricky thing. Memories will come back when you don't expect it. They come in dreams, visions, and sometimes the familiar tone of someone's voice will make you second guess yourself. I think, "what is wrong with me?!" when these things happen. Then I realize I really can't stop them from happening. They're memories. They keep coming back.

I lost someone c…

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