Okay, I know lot's of people are doing contests, and this is kind of copying that, but I really wont to try having a contest on this wiki. If anyone gets mad at me and says I'm copying too much I'll change that bit or shut the contest down. I was planning to wait a bit before starting the contest, but the summer is the perfect time to have one, because that's when people aren't busy with school stuff.

Anyways... Here are the rules for my contest. (I give Zaffie and Red the credit for inspiration for some of these rules)

  • You must have two main characters. One of them must be chosen from the list of characters below. The other one you must make up.

Acornpaw: Golden tabby and white tom with green eyes. He is quite intellegent and is great at coming up with soutions to problems. He does act like a bit of a know-it-all sometimes, but other cats still appreciate his opinion.

Dovefeather: Fluffy gray she-cat with blue eyes. She is sweet and caring and compationate. Many cats believe she should be a medicine cat, but she truly has the heart of a warrior. Many toms have a crush on her. She wants to have kits someday, but feels now just isn't the right time, seeing as she's only been a warrior for a few moons.

Summerpaw: Ginger she-cat with a white underbelly and tailtip and green eyes. Originally a rogue named Summer. Although she is accepted into the clan, she doesn't have any friends yet. What she really wants more than anything (Other than to serve her clan.) is to have a friend. She is really shy and quiet most of the time, but when she is with cats she knows better, she is actually quite talkative, eager and full of energy.

Sam: Black tom with amber eyes. A rogue that was originally a kittypet. Although he seems independant and uncaring at times, he actually long for the company of cats. Because of this, he is seeeking out the clans, which he had heard stories about since he was a timy kit.

  • At least one cat (It could be any cat) must die in the story
  • The your main characters must be a part of a prophecy.
  • Your main characters must be a part of a clan, although they may be in of different clans from each other, if you like. In Sam's case, he must join a clan at some point during the story.
  • You must have these sentences/phases at some point during your story:

What in StarClan's name is that thing doing here!

Do you really believe that?

Watermelons... What do you think about that?

This should only last for twenty-six moons.

Go jump in a hole!

  • Your story must have a minimum of six chapters.
  • There must be a talking animal that isn't a cat in your story.

You story must be finished by September 3rd, and judging will be soon after that. I'll need two other people to be judges.

The winner of the contest will win a picture that I will draw on paper and take a picture of. The winner can chose what the picture is of, but it'll have to be of a cat, because that's what I'm best at drawing.


Me (Cinderstar)


Red - Birds of a Feather

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