Hello! Just thought I'd make a blog post. Although this might seem more serious than the title suggests. But then again, it could be just me, overinterpretting things again! (Welcome to the Strange World of Cinderstar!) Anywho, this is a multi-purpose blog.

First Topic: My summer plans!

This summer, I'll probably be more active then ever (Because of school-less days.), but there will be weeks at a time when I won't be editing. Not. At. All. This is because of my wondrous summer schedule. Like most summers, I am going camping quite a bit, and I'll also heading off to camp for a week. Also, I'm moving to a bigger house, because the house I'm living in now (And have lived in for 9 and a half years) is too small for my family to live in much longer. The move shouldn't take too long, but I probably won't be very active (If I am active at all) during that time.

I am now officially done school for the school year, but then I have a math exam on Thursday before I'm really free and school-less until September. I'm going to miss my school this summer (For like the first time ever!), I'm just beginning to like school again since I switched schools in January.

Second Topic: A bit of advertising

I don't know if anybody but Red has seen this, but I'm haveing a contest! Here is the link to it: Contest. I hope more poeple join! :)

Third Topic: The more serious topic

Okay, I don't think this will turn out to be as serious as I originally thought, but here it is. I really love being a part of this wiki. No, this is not about me leaving or anything, because I can't see that happening anytime in the future withing the next few years or maybe more. This is my favourite wiki, alongside WCRW. This is about me hopefully becomeing more active. Well, not really about that, but that's part of it.

The thing is, I don't feel like I have many friends on the wiki. It could be just me being sensitive after my lonely, almost friendless time at school in grade 7 and for half of grade 8, before I switched schools. I really want to take the time to get to know more people and to make more friends on this wiki. I'm not sure if anyone will see or read this blog, and I won't press anyone by commenting on it, hoping to make it visable after about a week or so. Well, probably not anyways.

I know I'm shy, and I feel I'm ready to come out of my shell. I'm actually a relativly crazy person (Although I don't think I'm anywhere near as crazy as Zaffie!). I want to show everyone here that side of me.

Well, that's about it! :)

Cinderstar We have to let the warrior code rule our hearts. -Hollyleaf 17:21, June 16, 2012 (UTC) (I'm thinking about changing my siggie again, any suggestions?)

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